The Greatest Hunt

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The Greatest Hunt can be obtained from excavating varanusaur remains, dragonkin reliquary, and dragonkin coffin excavation hotspots at the Orthen - Crypt of Varanus excavation site. This page is required to complete the Crypt o' Zoology mystery.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

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It is done! The Raksha is bound. This shall be the greatest achievement of my life. I know this for two reasons. The first is obvious - this is the most dangerous beast I have ever hunted, one which hunted me right back, and I bested it! The other reason... It gave as good as it got, and it has done for me. Even when captured and restrained, this beast proves deadly.

After I had it tied, I stared straight into its eyes - part of my ritual to assert dominance, but in this moment, it filled my mind with visceral images of what it wanted to do to me - of ripping and tearing, of the carnage it sought, of its hatred for me. While I was still reeling from this visual assault, it managed to stick me with one of its spikes. It KNEW the visions it gave me would not come to pass, but that they would drop my guard enough such that it could inflict this wound on me. It is not simply intelligent; it is diabolical.

My end will be slow and painful. None in the other creeds can offer an antidote or cure, and I have little hope they will be able to in the time I have left. Instead, I will use this time to ensure the Raksha will not hurt any more of my kin, and that it will serve a greater good. The Kindra wish this entity to be relocated to the burgeoning city of Orthen my creed-mates are constructing on our island home.

I find this ill-advised given the nature of this creature, but their will be done. They no doubt have plans for it beyond my understanding. Thus, I can do no more than ensure it ends up secured and restrained until this purpose has been served.

-Varanus, Nodon hunter

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