The Fremennik Trials

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The Fremennik Trials (#62)
The Fremennik Trials.png
Release date2 November 2004 (Update)
Voice OverNo
Official seriesFremennik #1
AgeFifth Age
Start areaRellekka
CombatNPC combat level 90–99
Advanced data
Quest ID280
Quest create ID49
Official difficultyIntermediate

The Fremennik Trials is a quest about becoming an honorary member of the Fremennik people of Rellekka. Since they are not very friendly to outerlanders, you will have to pass their trials for them to accept you as one of their own.

Official description[edit | edit source]

Council workmen have at last found time to make repairs to the footbridge that connects Kandarin with the barbarian town of Rellekka.

Do you have what it takes to impress the barbarians who live there and perhaps be welcomed as an honorary member of their clan?

Overview[edit | edit source]

The trials[edit | edit source]

You will not be able to speak to Peer the Seer to bank your items until you complete the easy Fremennik Tasks, after which you can use the sea boots to bank again.

Brundt the Chieftain

To start the quest, travel to Rellekka, which is located north of the Seers' Village. Walk into the longhall, in the heart of the city, and talk to Brundt the Chieftain. Brundt tells you that the locals are inherently unfriendly towards foreigners. To have a conversation with them, a person has to be a Fremennik. One must either be born a Fremennik or be voted in by the council.

The only way to be voted in as a Fremennik by the council is by impressing seven of the twelve members of the council of elders enough that they give you their vote. Each of the seven who accept outlanders has a trial for you to complete.

After you have spoken to Brundt, tell him that you are interested in the Fremennik Trials.

You can do the trials in any order.

Click on either the map circle or the name of the Fremennik below to go to that NPC's section of the guide.

The Fremennik TrialsBrundt the ChieftainManni the RevellerOlaf the BardPeer the SeerSigli the HuntsmanSigmund the MerchantSwensen the NavigatorThorvald the WarriorBrundt the ChieftainManni the RevellerOlaf the BardPeer the SeerSigli the HuntsmanSigmund the MerchantSwensen the NavigatorThorvald the WarriorThe Fremennik Trials map.png

Manni the Reveller[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Beer and 250 coins
Manni the Reveller chathead.png

You can find Manni the Reveller in the longhall, right next to the chieftain. He says that to become a Fremennik, you need to show cunning, stamina, fortitude, and an iron constitution, and he knows only one way to do it – a drinking challenge. If you beat him, he promises to give you his vote.

Pick up a keg of beer from one of the tables and accept his challenge. You will lose no matter what, while he'll hardly get drunk at all.

To beat Manni, you need to make a devious plan. Travel to Seers' Village and buy a Low alcohol keg from the Poison Salesman in the bar. Also, grab a glass of beer for the Council workman.

The Council workman's location.

On your way back to Rellekka, at the bridge just south of it, you will see a Council workman. Offer the beer to him and he'll gladly accept. (Remember, the default action is to drink the beer, so don't left-click it or you'll have to get another one!). He will give you a strange object – an item he picked up from his outings – as a gift. Be careful of the nearby wolf, as if it attacks you whilst in conversation with the workman you’ll lose the beer without acquiring the strange object!

Go back to the longhall and take another keg first. If you try mixing the normal beer keg with the low alcohol one, Manni will get angry and stop you. You will need a distraction. Look to the outside of the longhall, on the eastern wall, for a pipe; light the strange object and place it inside. If you leave a lit "strange object" in your inventory for long enough, it will eventually explode and deal 25 damage.

Enter the longhall and mix the low alcohol keg with the longhall keg. The bomb bursts with a loud noise, stunning everyone. Finally, challenge Manni for a rematch and you will win this time, gaining his vote.

Olaf the Bard[edit | edit source]

Olaf the Bard chathead.png

You should speak with Olaf the Bard, who is to the east of the longhall. He promises you his vote if you can prove your worth as a bard by performing at the longhall.

The first thing you need is a lyre:

A player having their lyre enchanted.
  • Leave through the gates and turn east. Move deep into the woods and head straight for the swaying tree indicated by a rare tree symbol on the map. It stands on a hill and is surrounded by rabbits.
  • Chop off a branch (40 Woodcutting required) and use your knife on it to get an unstrung lyre (40 Crafting required). You can obtain multiple branches and lyres.
  • After that, you need to string your lyre, for which you require a ball of golden wool. Head south-east, and you'll find an enclosure with golden sheep and a golden tree in it. Talk to Lalli, a troll who apparently is the self-proclaimed guardian of the golden apples, and ask about golden wool. No matter how much you try to convince him to part with it, you can't change his mind, although he'll mention giving some golden fleece to another human named Askeladden, a young Fremennik also trying to complete his trials. You must complete the conversation or speaking to Askeladden will not work; make sure to choose the 'Other human' option.
  • Go back outside the longhall and talk to Askeladden. He says he traded Lalli a pet rock for some golden fleece, and will give you one to trade, although he thinks Lalli won't fall for the same trick twice. You can use the drop trick to obtain multiple pet rocks from Askeladden.
  • Now would be a good time to grab a raw potato, onion, and cabbage from behind the house in the south-eastern corner of Rellekka if you don't already have them.
  • Bring the pet rock to Lalli and give it to him as a present.
  • However, Lalli doesn't want another rock and is scared that they will have baby rocks, so tell him you can make him a delicious stone soup. Sadly, this means saying goodbye to your beloved rock for a while. You can get a replacement from Askeladden later.
  • Talk to Lalli again, then (while being careful not to left click and accidentally eat them) use the rock, potato, onion and cabbage on his cauldron to make some stone soup. He likes it and will "trick" you by trying to give you a golden apple instead of a golden fleece, but will ultimately give you a golden fleece. You can use the drop trick again, to obtain multiple golden fleeces, if you want multiple lyres. You could also save one extra fleece for the Odd Old Man's second wishlist in Fur 'n Seek, and another for Kili's Knowledge VII, to avoid having to pay 1,000 coins for each later.
Location of the strange altar for the final step.
  • You must now spin the fleece into a ball of wool on a spinning wheel – the closest available one is in Rellekka in the southwest corner. Note that you must use the fleece on the wheel, as it will not show up in the spinning wheel interface. Use the ball of golden wool on the lyre. You must have level 25 Fletching and you cannot use the assist system to string the lyre.
  • The final step is to get your lyre enchanted. Bring either a raw shark, raw manta ray, or raw sea turtle (ironmen can acquire a raw shark by killing mogres) with you and head south-west of Rellekka to a fork in the main dirt road. There is a strange altar on a tiny peninsula – if you hit the "Lighthouse" trail, you've gone too far.
  • With the lyre in your inventory, use the raw shark, raw manta ray, or raw sea turtle on the strange altar. A Fossegrimen spirit will appear and bless your lyre. You need one raw shark, manta ray, or sea turtle for each lyre. It is not possible to use a raw bass with a ring of charos (a). Go back and talk to Olaf the Bard again.

Once you have the Enchanted lyre, go backstage through the north-east door that is guarded by a bouncer. Play your lyre in front of the crowd. Do not have two enchanted lyres on you when going up on stage, as both of them will be reset to a normal lyre after playing it (to avoid this, one lyre can be dropped whilst you play on stage and picked up again after the performance).

Olaf will be impressed and keep his promise of giving you his vote.

Sigli the Huntsman[edit | edit source]

Items recommended: Food and combat gear
Sigli the Huntsman chathead.png

Sigli the Huntsman is near the entrance gate of Rellekka. His task for you is to find and kill the Draugen, an evil ghost that is said to devour the souls of brave warriors who meet their ends at sea. As it cannot be defeated by normal means, Sigli provides you with a hunters' talisman to capture the Draugen's spirit.

The Draugen in action

Keep using the talisman to locate the Draugen. Note: The location of The Draugen differs from player to player. While you are trying to find him he may also change locations forcing you to start the hunt over. Beware of Wolves (level 60) in the woods. Prepare yourself for combat and head south of Rellekka toward the woods. Start locating The Draugen (level 96) by using the Hunters' talisman. Keep following the directions until The Draugen appears and starts to attack you. Once you have defeated it, the Hunters' talisman automatically collect the Draugen's essence.

His combat level is 96 and he uses melee combat. It is advised to use mithril armour or stronger and a ring of recoil. He is fairly easy to defeat, although results may vary depending on your combat level. When fighting him, there are some safe spots for mages and rangers, like east of the bridge. Run in a circle around a block of rocks or a set of mushrooms until you're on one side and he's on the other. The Draugen's weakness is fire spells. You may also use a halberd. After you defeat him once, return to Sigli to get his vote. If you take too long to defeat the Draugen, he will disappear and you will have to fight him again.

Do not drop or lose the talisman as it contains the Draugen's spirit. If you drop or lose it, you will have to fight him again.

Peer the Seer[edit | edit source]

Peer the Seer chathead.png

Peer the Seer can be found south-west of the market. He will give you his vote if you can simply enter the front door to his house, and come out the other side. There is a catch though – you cannot take any items inside. Peer the Seer will offer to deposit any items you have on you for the remainder of the quest.

To get in, you need to answer a puzzle. The answer is a four letter word, and Peer will give you a clue for each letter and the word itself. Possible answers include: "tree", "time", "life", "mage", "fire", "wind", "mind" and "disk".

Peer the Seer's puzzle room.

After you've solved the riddle, enter the building and go upstairs. Search all of the objects and study the unicorn and bull's heads on the wall to find an old red disk, a wooden disk, an uncooked red herring, a jug, and an empty bucket. You will also find a blue thread, a pick, a ship toy and a magnet, but these items serve no purpose in the quest.

Cook the red herring to get sticky red goop and use it on the wooden disk to get a second red disk. Then go down the other trapdoor and use the two disks on the abstract mural to get a vase lid.

You now need to get the vase, which can be found in the chest upstairs in his house. To open it, you must set exactly four units of water on it. You need the jug, which can hold 3 units of water and the bucket, which holds 5 units, to open the chest. Here is what you should do:

  1. Fill up the jug with water, from the tap. Use it with the bucket.
  2. Do this again and you'll have a full bucket and a 1/3 full jug.
  3. Use the bucket on the drain to get an empty bucket.
  4. Fill up the bucket with the 1/3 full jug.
  5. Fill the jug again and use it with the bucket to get a 4/5ths full bucket.
  6. Use the 4/5ths full bucket with the chest, and it will open, giving you a vase.
  7. Fill up the vase from the tap, to make a Vase of water.
  8. Use the lid on the Vase of water to get a sealed vase.

Use the sealed vase with the frozen table to freeze the water, which then expands in the vase and shatters it. You will receive a key frozen in a block of ice (If you accidentally freeze the water without sealing it, use it on the range to empty it).

Thaw the frozen key on the range, then go down the eastern ladder again and out the exit to get Peer's vote and a free herring, which you can eat.

Sigmund the Merchant[edit | edit source]

Sigmund The Merchant chathead.png
Items needed: 5,000 coins

You can find Sigmund The Merchant in the market. He will want you to get him an exotic flower. This may sound easy, but you will end up having to complete a trail of requests from many people, similar to the One Small Favour quest.

  • First, find the Sailor on the second westernmost dock and select the "talk" option on him. Speak about the exotic flower. He has it, but wants a romantic ballad composed for him.
  • Talk to Olaf the Bard. He will ask you to get him a pair of new sturdy boots. He wanders outside at the northeast side of the longhouse.
  • Go to the clothing store to the west of the market and ask Yrsa about them. She will agree to make the boots only if Brundt the Chieftain produces a fiscal statement that lowers the taxes on the stores.
  • If you talk to Brundt the Chieftain in the longhall, he will tell you that the clan will be able to afford it if Sigli the Huntsman will give him a tracking map showing the best places to hunt monsters.
  • Go south of the longhall. Sigli the Huntsman agrees, but first, he will want a custom bowstring made.
  • Go to the helmet store just north of the longhall. The shopkeeper Skulgrimen will give you one in exchange for the unusual fish that the Fisherman caught.
  • On the easternmost dock to the north of Rellekka Market, you'll find the Fisherman. He will ask you to get a sea fishing map showing the best spots to catch edible fish.
  • Find Swensen the Navigator. He is in a house south of the market, and east of Peer the Seer's house. He will make the map but he will want a weather forecast first.
  • Peer the Seer, found in the south-west corner of marketplace, will give you a forecast if you can find him a bodyguard and make him sign a warriors' contract.
  • Thorvald the Warrior can be found in the helmet store. He wants you to get him a seat in the long hall, which will require a champions token, in exchange for becoming the Seer's bodyguard.
  • Manni the Reveller is in the long hall. He will gladly give up his seat if Thora the Barkeep will make him one of her legendary cocktails.
  • Thora will only agree to make one if you can get a signed promissory note from Askeladden for him to stay out of the bar.
  • Talk to Askeladden (who is outside the long hall) to get the promissory note for 5000 coins.

Then give the promissory note to Thora, the legendary cocktail to Manni, the champions token to Thorvald, the warriors' contract to the Seer, the weather forecast to Swensen, the sea fishing map to the Fisherman, the unusual fish to Skulgrimen, the custom bowstring to Sigli, the tracking map to Brundt, the fiscal statement to Yrsa, the sturdy boots to Olaf, the Fremennik ballad to the Sailor, and finally the exotic flower to Sigmund. You will get his vote.

Swensen the Navigator[edit | edit source]

Swensen the Navigator chathead.png

Talk to Swensen in his house, which is southwest of the longhall, and south of the marketplace. Your task is to navigate your way through his maze of portals.

A player in the maze of Swensen the Navigator

Start by going down the ladder in the small room in his house. In each room, there are four portals: One on the north wall, one on the south wall, one on the east wall, and one on the west wall. One of the portals will take you to the next room. The other three will send you to a random room.

The trick is to spell his name. First, go in the South portal, then the West, then East, then North, then South, then East, and finally North again (Swensen). After you finish, talk to Swensen to get his vote.

Thorvald the Warrior[edit | edit source]

Thorvald the Warrior chathead.png
Koschei's arena.

Thorvald the Warrior can be found in the helmet store north of the longhall. His task is for you to fight a special warrior called Koschei the deathless as a test of bravery. There are three rules:

  1. You must defeat him at least three out of four times.
  2. You must fight to the death.
  3. No weapons or armour – which also means no runes, staves. etc. (You can bring a dismantled godsword)

If your combat stats are 40+, you should not find Koschei to be a challenge to defeat. If you leave during any part of the fight, you will have to restart the fight from the beginning. Also, if you die during the first three fights, it will be considered as a normal death and you will lose your items.

You can use food, prayer, potions, and rings of recoil. Do not wear a ring of life when fighting, or else you will have to restart all over again. Legacy Mode is recommended as you cannot use any melee, ranged or magic abilities against Koschei. You may use some constitution and defence abilities, and the vampyrism aura is allowed.

Also note that by the end of the fight, you will need at least one free inventory space to receive the Fremennik blade – otherwise it will fall to the floor and if you leave the "basement" without picking it up, you will not be allowed to return to get it.

Go into the basement to begin fighting, after you bank all unnecessary items. Peer the Seer will bank all your items, regardless of task completion for this trial. Beware that using his banking will deposit all your items. Run over each of the 5 arenas until he spawns for the first time.

  • Koschei's first form is easy and should give you no problems. After you defeat him, he will regain all of his health and get stronger. There is no safe place to hide and attack, although you can trap him over the poles with fire burning on top of them and heal yourself. Just don't stay there too long or he'll disappear and reappear after you run around, and you'll start over at his first form. Healing yourself with a Blood Necklace when Koschei is low on lifepoints will also make him disappear.
  • His second form is comparatively stronger than the first, but should still be easy to take down. If Koschei seems to be hitting you a lot, eat some food or use prayers.
  • His third form is not too hard; however, he has a lot more life points so you should expect a longer fight.
A player fighting Koschei.
  • The fourth form is a little more challenging than his third, but not required to defeat, as the first rule states that you must defeat him three times. You have a choice to either kill or be killed by Koschei, both resulting in gaining Thorvald's vote.
    • If you wish to use rings of recoil while killing him, your inventory should contain two of them with the rest of the slots taken up by food or prayer potions.
    • Also note that your prayer is completely drained at the beginning of the fourth form. Prayer potions can be used to restore your prayer, but if you use a protection prayer, then every hit from Koschei will take away a point, quickly draining it back down to zero. However, you can safely use stat-boosting prayers after restoring, without losing any points.
    • If the player defeats this form, they will get a Fremennik blade; this sword is also dropped by Lanzig, Fremennik guards in Rellekka, and dagannoths on Waterbirth Island.
    • A player can run away from him to drop combat and Regenerate their hitpoints to make the fight easier.
  • Do not climb the ladder back up if you have not defeated his fourth form or you will have to restart the fight from form one.

If you 'die' to Koschei's fourth form, you'll find yourself in a bed upstairs, with Thorvald granting you his vote, since it was a test of bravery, not strength.

Opposition[edit | edit source]

The following people are the remaining members of the council, but it is not possible to gain their votes, and as such, they do not play an important role in the quest.

Inga[edit | edit source]

Inga chathead.png

While Inga is one of the council members, she simply won't give you her vote. She can be found just south of Olaf, and if you talk to her, she will mildly insult you. You will, in turn, insult her. No matter what you do, she will always vote against you in the trials.

Agnar[edit | edit source]

Agnar chathead.png

When the player asks Agnar for his vote he will say that he will vote for you if you give him 100,000,000,000,000,000,900,470,093 coins. This is impossible as the maximum coins anyone can hold is 2,147,483,649,147,483,647. He can be found wandering the market square.

Sassilik[edit | edit source]

Sassilik chathead.png

Sassilik is another council member who will talk with you but won't give you her vote. She is located just south-east of the furnace and forge. She states that she will vote for you on one condition; when your character asks what the condition is, she claims you are too gullible to become a Fremennik.

Pontak[edit | edit source]

Pontak chathead.png

Pontak is also a council member. He has a small gardening plot behind his house, which is useful for other parts of the trials, and even offers a sub-quest to perform to gain his vote. He asks you to obtain the following items in order to earn his vote:

As these items simply don't exist (with the exceptions of Cheese from Zanaris, and Sleeping bags, which existed in RuneScape Classic), this is a brush-off to let you know that he won't vote for you no matter what you do.

The Fisherman[edit | edit source]

Fisherman (Rellekka) chathead.png

The Fisherman sits on the end of the middle dock fishing for stuff. As a council member, you can also attempt to persuade him to vote for you. The following are the terms he requires to cast his vote for you:

  • Skies turn red
  • Water turns pink
  • Rocks turn yellow
  • Sun turns black

In other words, he will never vote for you either. Still, he can be helpful when you try to complete the task that Sigmund The Merchant has asked you to do, along with several other council members.

The honour is mine[edit | edit source]

After you have completed all the council members' tasks, go straight to Brundt the Chieftain.

Congratulations, quest complete!

Reward[edit | edit source]

The Fremennik Trials reward.png
Music unlocked

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

The Fremennik Trials is directly required for the following quests/miniquests:

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Credits[edit | edit source]

The Fremennik Trials
DeveloperMod James
Art & Graphics
GraphicsMod Joe, Mod Neil
Quality Assurance
Quality assuranceAndrew C
AudioMod Ian
Quest HelpMod Mog

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included—see here for how to help out!
  • patch 11 April 2022 (Update):
    • Fixed an issue with vote progression during The Fremennik Trials quest.
  • patch 6 December 2021 (Update):
    • Fixed a broken state during The Fremennik Trials which prevented the player from getting Olaf's vote after playing the Enchanted Lyre.
  • patch 5 May 2015 (Update):
    • Corrected erroneous references to Elvarg being male in the player's song about her during chat with the longhall bouncer during The Fremennik Trials.
  • patch 29 August 2013 (Update):
    • The Fletching requirement in the quest journal for the Fremennik Trials has been corrected.
  • patch 20 August 2013 (Update):
    • A spelling mistake in a dialogue in The Fremennik Trials quest has been fixed.
  • patch 13 May 2013 (Update):
    • Players can no longer use the fire in Borrokar's house if they haven't completed The Fremennik Trials.
  • patch 18 February 2013 (Update):
    • The quest journal for The Fremennik Trials now uses consistent punctuation.
    • The abstract mural now gives clearer message depending on your progress through the Fremennik Trials quest.
  • patch 21 February 2012 (Update):
    • Draugen from Fremennik Trials has had his combat level updated from 69 to 96 in the quest journal to reflect his recently increased combat level.
  • patch 28 July 2009 (Update):
    • Tightened checks in the Fremennik Trials quest.
  • patch 8 July 2009 (Update):
    • Fixed the Fremennik Trials combo lock puzzle interface.

Cultural references[edit | edit source]

  • The name of the Fremennik is similar to that of the Fremen people in author Frank Herbert's Dune series. The custom of granting a new name to someone who passes a difficult trial is also practised by the Fremen.
  • During the Peer the Seer's trial, the scale puzzle is a reference to the movie Die Hard with a Vengeance.
  • The "stone soup" that you have to make to receive golden fleece from the troll is from a story called Stone Soup, in which Jack Grand – a Rat-a-tat man and traveller – reaches a town and performs tricks for individuals, receiving some amounts of ingredients. With a large pot and water, and his stone from his pocket, he makes a stone soup, making the whole village happy.
  • When playing your enchanted lyre in the longhall, your dialogue box will read "Doh Ray Me Fah So La Ti Doh" instead of "Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do", as is the way of singing a scale using solfège syllables.
  • "Cheese from the moon" is a reference to the similar belief. The Fremennik Trials was released years before Zanaris was established as Gielinor's moon.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A red herring is a well-known logical fallacy, representing an issue which holds no true relevance to the matter at hand. The red herring is actually used in Peer the Seer's puzzle trial; however, one of the ways you might realise that you are supposed to do something to it – in this case, cook it – is by knowing this.
  • If you have a skill level of 99 when you compose your ballad, your character sings a song boasting of their aptitude for that particular skill. Or if you have 32 quest points, you will sing about how you are a member of the Champions' Guild; if you are in the Heroes' Guild, you'll sing about it; or if you are a member of the Legends' Guild, about that.
  • The 7 council members who vote for you are all referred to by first name and title. Those who do not are only referred to their first name or just their occupation.
  • The fisherman's requests are references to a "solar eclipse" when the sun is blocked by the moon, causing various colour changes. In the quest Missing, Presumed Death Sliske mentions that a solar eclipse is in fact coming up.
  • In Peer's trial, the sealed vase of water is frozen to expand the water and smash the vase. The alternate solution of using the vase on the range to boil the water and increase pressure through water vapor does not work. The "caveman" solution of smashing the vase directly against a hard surface without any need for increasing the internal pressure also does not work.
  • Mountain Daughter and The Tale of the Muspah yield slightly different dialogue if the player has completed the Fremennik Trials.