The Firemaker's Curse

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The Firemaker's Curse is a members-only quest developed by Mod Ana and was the first quest to be released in 2012. It is based in lore, providing new information about the downfall of Zaros and the rise of Zamorak.

Official description[edit | edit source]

Join the firemakers on their journey through a cave system as they search for The Firemaker’s Guide: A Great Book of Secrets, written by the most powerful firemaker in recorded history. Finding the book is one problem; getting out alive is another.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Preparing and Gearing Up[edit | edit source]

It may be handy for you to change your graphical settings so that your lighting detail is set to low.

Armour will only hinder you in this quest, so leave it behind to keep your weight down. Instead, wear weight-reducing gear like a Spottier cape and Boots of lightness, or Wicked robes. Wearing at least one teleport-capable item is worthwhile in order to allow teleportation to a bank to re-equip. An emergency teleport (one-click teleport) is not necessary as this is a safe quest.

Have four empty slots in your inventory to hold items you get and need during the quest: one for the pitch can, one for the compiled journal (all individual journals found in the cave are merged into one, so only one slot is needed), and two for the fire powders (one puzzle provides three different powders, but only two are actually needed).

Use the remaining slots to hold items to help you in the quest. Although the quest is safe, the ability to heal is crucial in getting through the quest. You can take a lot of damage in several rooms; instead of dying, you are always rescued when your health reaches 0, but you still have to redo the room. Items with high healing abilities are best. Players should use the highest-healing food they can.

Healing familiars can also help in the final battle. Having a familiar out in the puzzle-solving rooms can make the puzzle harder to solve, as the familiar will often stand in a place where you want to be. This is because left-clicking there causes you to interact with the familiar instead of moving, wasting valuable time. It is recommended that you use the hide familiar setting if you have a familiar during the puzzle portions of the quest. For most players, it is likely that you will have to leave the cave several times to resupply, so one option is to bring the healing familiar only when you gear up for the final battle with Char.

For the final battle, players will need a fast weapon. Fast melee weapons work quite effectively against Char as long as a sufficient number of fires are lit. Dual-wielding is recommended. The damage dealt is not determined by the weapon, but accuracy, so use the most accurate weapon available.

Meeting the Seven Firemakers[edit | edit source]

Phoenix chathead.png

To start this quest, travel to the starting location south of Eagles' Peak and talk to Phoenix. The fastest way to travel there is using the Eagles' Peak lodestone, then running directly south. He is south-west of the terrorbird pens in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. You can also use the Eagle transport system to travel to Eagles' Peak, then run south to the start location. Using Ardougne Teleport would also be relatively quick, as a player would need to run north and west to reach the starting location. You could also use a Phoenix Lair teleport scroll. Another method would be to use the fairy ring teleport AKQ to Piscatoris Hunter area and run south.

Meet the firemakers.

Once you arrive, talk to any of the firemakers to begin the quest. A cut-scene will ensue where you will be introduced to Emmett, Flint, Isis, Lina, Phoenix, Sera, and Twig. They will explain to you their desire to find long-lost Firemaking knowledge—which came to them in a dream—in the caves next to the entrance they are surrounding. They will ask you to protect them as they go through the caves. You will agree and formally begin the quest.

After starting the quest, there are two identical-looking cave entrances quite close by. If you teleport out during the quest, it is easy to go to the wrong cave entrance (the exit) and find you cannot enter the cave. You need to go to the south entrance, due west of the charm sprite hunter area (south of the hill giants), which has the quest symbol next to it on the mini-map. If you lose your pitch can when you exit, talk to Flint when you return to get another.

Lighting fires using oil.

Inside the Caves[edit | edit source]

Cave in!

Upon entering the caves, you will enter a room with several red fires. Flint will give you a pitch can, which allows you to create fires in front of you without logs and grants 2 experience points for each fire made. You may also right-click on the pitch can and choose the "make fire here" option, which will create a fire where you are standing. Your first order of business is to light fires so that you create an arrow pointing out of the cave. Once this is completed, a cut-scene will occur where the characters will join you in the middle of the room; the ground will begin to shake and everyone will fall through the floor into the next room.

Fire puzzle solution 1
First puzzle

Second Room[edit | edit source]

Char chathead 1.png
The Firemakers' camp.
Turning your lighting detail to 'low' may help you better see the environment.

The second room will be dark, so you will have to light the fire pit next to you to illuminate everything. The firemakers will lament about being trapped, and are scared of some monster attacking them. In the centre of the room is Firemaking Journal: Chapter 1. After you take it, you will have Firemaking journal compilation (1) in your inventory. Another cut-scene will then occur with a spirit, Char, confronting you and the group, and again extinguishing the fire. Once you relight the fire, you will see that Phoenix has been killed because Emmett became possessed. The spirit says this is part of her game, and she will allow you to pass through to the next camp, but you must identify who she has possessed to prevent any more deaths. Now continue down the open tunnel.

Third Room[edit | edit source]

Avoiding the falling boulders.

The third room (East is oriented at the top) contains yet more red fires, in another pattern that is in the journal. The journal contains guide images to complete the shapes as you advance through caves. Complete the pattern to trigger another event where Char will begin dropping large boulders around the room whilst dimming the lights. You must avoid the boulders as they fall or you will be hit for as much as 900 damage, depending how many life points you have left. Collect them and add them to the rock pile at the east end of the room to create a pile you can climb in order to reach the next exit. You can only carry one rock at the time. Char will be dimming the lights, so you have limited time to do this.

Fire puzzle solution 2
Second puzzle

The puzzle can also be solved by omitting the fire in the bottom right corner and thus creating a shape with curved edges - 6 fires in total.

If you wait until all the rocks have fallen before picking them up, you will start to hit damage for 250+ every couple of seconds.

Fourth Room[edit | edit source]

Now you will be in the fourth room and you will need to light the fire to illuminate everything again. The firemakers will rejoin you. You can grab the Firemaking Journal: Chapter 2 in the middle of the room, which will turn your journal compilation into Firemaking journal compilation (2). This will trigger another dialogue where you can gather more information from Char by going through various dialogue options. You can then pick a firemaker who you think has been possessed, and tie them to a pillar. If you pick correctly, no one will die when Char next dims the lights. The first person to be possessed is Twig, which he gives away by both his exhausted stance and not being cowardly any more. Click on the pillar closest to the fire and choose Twig to tie him up. Relight the fire and proceed to the next room. If you choose incorrectly, Flint will be killed.

Fifth Room[edit | edit source]

You need to move as fast as possible because this puzzle burns out very quickly and may take many attempts. It is advisable after lighting each fire to select the right-click menu at the position of the next fire, so that "walk-here" can be clicked as soon as the fire-lighting animation is complete.

The fifth room contains two differently coloured fires—red and yellow—arranged in the pattern of a fire, with the red on the outer layer and yellow on the inner. The room also contains Red powder and Yellow powder, which will allow you to change your fire's colour. A total of 4 yellow fires and 5 red fires need to be lit. It's possible to complete the puzzle in time if all the fires (except the yellow at the top left) are lit using "make-fire-here". Start with the yellow fires by mixing the yellow powder.

Light the two fires on the right side, then the one at the bottom.

Next, run around to the top-left fire, which must be lit by standing in the ring of red flames and using "make-fire".

Then, mix the red powder and light the red fires in an counterclockwise direction: the two at the top, the one on the left, and the two at the bottom.

Another viable strategy is to

  1. Light the top-right yellow node from below,
  2. Then light the left node from the right,
  3. Then the right node from the left.
  4. Run out of the inner yellow circle and make a fire from the red section,
  5. Then add red powder and "create fire here".

From there, fill out the bottom right, then the left, then the two top-left using "create fire here".

Fill out the fire completely on both the inside and outside; the painting shown in the Firemaker's Journal isn't complete.

In order to light the red fire that is very close to the wall, you need to select the "light fire here" option on your pitch can.

Avoiding the wall of fire.

Upon completing this puzzle, Char will summon a wall of fire. Run for the gaps in the wall so you do not take damage. After surviving two different walls of fire from random directions (could be two different directions), proceed to the next room.

Fire puzzle solution 3
Third puzzle

Sixth Room[edit | edit source]

A nasty-looking maze to traverse

The lights dim after a short time, dealing 50-100 damage every few seconds. Lighting the fires postpones this effect.

If you come close to dying in this room, you will be rescued by the firemakers and restored to full health. If this happens, any activated pillars will remain activated, but all lit fires will be extinguished.

Jumping over a gap in the maze

The sixth room is an agility-labyrinth puzzle. You need to push pillar switches to clear the path through to the exit, while lighting fire pits to keep the room lit to avoid extra damage. You must jump between pillars immediately after the small burst of lava has splashed or you will be hit for 50-200 damage. Food will most likely be required to finish this room.

  1. Go to the west, jumping as far as you can. Light the fire there and push the pillar. It will show you that the pit to the far east can now be lit.
  2. Go to the east pit. Light it and push that pillar.
  3. Head towards the west pit again, but just before reaching the pit, go north and jump to the pillar that has appeared in the centre, and push the pillar there.
  4. Go to the east to light the pit and push the pillar there.
  5. Go back to the centre pillar, then go east and push the flame switch.
  6. Go back towards the centre pillar and continue to the pit to the west; light it and push the pillar. There are two large stones that come down from the ceiling if the player does not run fast enough under them.
  7. Push the pillar on the platform east of the previous pillar. After that, you gain access to the last line of fire pits. There are weak floors in some areas, so make sure you don't stand on any ledges that don't have ground beneath them.
  8. Go to the north-western pit, light it and push the pillar. The path to the exit will now be free in the north-east corner of the room.

There are small cut-scenes that show what happens when pushing a pillar, which makes it quite clear what to do next, so following that usually helps out a lot. You can be hit high amounts of damage, so be prepared to lose a lot of health.

Seventh Room[edit | edit source]

Char chathead 2.png

In the seventh room is the Firemaking Journal: Chapter 3, which will turn your journal into Firemaking journal compilation (3). After picking it up, you will have another conversation with Char, and you will again have to decide who is possessed. The second person possessed is Sera, which is made clear by her failure to mention Ignatius Vulcan even once during the time in the room, and the fact that she says she has been a firemaker since she was a child; she is also suddenly not very irritable. Tie her to the pillar, and move on to the next room. If you decide incorrectly, Isis will be killed.

Eighth Room[edit | edit source]

Once again you need to complete the pattern. Fill in the gaps between the red fires to make two solid red lines, and likewise for the yellow fires. This will produce a "#" pattern. Five yellow fires and four red fires will need to be lit. Blue powder is provided, but doesn't need to be used.

As usual, it's tricky to complete the pattern fast enough. One method is to light the red fires first, starting from the bottom right, then the left, then the top. Next, switch to yellow and light the top row from left to right. Generally, "make-fire-here" can be used, although there may be places where "make-fire" is quicker.

Another wall of flame

After finishing the pattern, Char will briefly speak with you before sending four more walls of flames across the room. Those walls will have gaps in them too, but since the walls spawn rapidly after one another, it's best to stand in one of the gaps at either the west or the east of the room.

Fire puzzle solution 4
Fourth puzzle

Ninth Room[edit | edit source]

Lighting oil and avoiding balls

In the ninth room, you'll see a grid similar to the pattern puzzle shown to you. You must survive in the room until the bar at the top of the screen is filled. On the walls are nodes which will create temporary walls of flame that will help you survive but will also prevent you from crossing them. Char will put you through a "tutorial" of sorts, demonstrating the various flames she will send at you, but since she's feeling a bit cruel, you can still take damage during this trial.

Since the camera angle can't be changed during this puzzle, it may be helpful to close the chat and inventory panels to give access to all areas of the room.

  • Red balls will drift slowly towards you and hit you for light damage if they get somewhat close.
  • White balls move a bit faster and will explode for moderate damage should they catch up to you.
  • Orange balls can set any line they touch on fire, same as your own walls, but if you happen to be standing on the line, it'll hurt you when it goes up.
  • Blue balls will lazily float about, creating a trail of flames that will constantly damage you if you stand on them.

All balls of flame eventually vanish if they haven't hit you directly, but orange and blue balls will leave behind the same type of fires that blue flames leave; orange balls leave an "X" pattern that stretches across the entire board, originating at the time they vanished; and blue balls leave a 3x3 grid where they went out.

The balls will spawn in four waves, with each wave containing more of them at the same time than the previous one.

The idea here is to use the flame walls you set to prevent the balls from reaching you. However, if you aren't fast enough, or are on the wrong side of a node when you light it up, you may accidentally trap the ball on the same side as you.

A few general tips are as follows: you should stay near the middle of the walls most of the time since the balls always spawn at four corners between the walls and the centre of the room, and they will not hesitate to go off if you're on top of the spawn, and you do not want to be surrounded. Balls that are on top of a line when it is set off will become stuck in that wall, except for orange balls, since they're usually the ones that set the wall down in the first place. Try to avoid the orange flame's walls, since they'll end up trapping you if you're at the short end of the room when they set fires, and always be aware of when the wave nears the end as the residual flames they drop when they leave spawn immediately. When you're hiding behind a wall, lure the balls over to one side, then create a wall perpendicular to the one you are using to block them so that when the first wall goes out, you'll still have something protecting you. Lastly, the balls that try to chase you will still hurt you even if they're behind a wall, if they get close enough.

A method of healing can be useful for this puzzle, allowing mistakes to be made without the risk of failing the puzzle and needing to restart.

Tenth Room[edit | edit source]

Room Ten is another party room where the rest of the Firemakers will rejoin you. Take the Firemaking journal compilation (4) and you will again have to decide who is possessed. The person possessed this time is Twig again. He gives it away when he says that he was born with the name "Twig," but "Twig" is actually the nickname he gave himself, which he mentions if you spoke to him before entering the cave for the first time. If you decide incorrectly, Lina will be killed. (There was a chat mistype upon quest release where Twig says it's his nickname, not that he was born with it. It was later fixed, but for those who made the mistake causing Lina to be killed won't have her back regardless).

Eleventh Room[edit | edit source]

If you are playing in full screen format, you may want to make your screen size smaller to make this next part easier.

This time, the pattern is in the shape of a torch. You won't need yellow at all; just complete the blue surrounding it and patch the red all around the pattern. But before you finish, take note of the fire pit nearby. Instead of throwing firewalls at you, Char dims the screen.

Immediately light the fire pit in order to avoid taking too much damage. Then click the lit fire pit to take a torch from the pile, and proceed down the tunnel.

You must deter the shadows or you will take damage.

You'll be forced to walk the entire way. During this time, dark tendrils will claw their way out of all sides of your screen. This is why smaller screen formats are recommended. If you use wide-screen, it will be nearly impossible to make out some of the tendrils against the pitch black of the area outside of the walls. You have to ward them off by left-clicking them close to the edge of the screen. Failing to ward one of them off in time will result in moderate damage. Don't forget to keep walking while this is happening, and escape through the open door as soon as possible. Despite this option being safer, it is possible to simply walk the entire path taking hits. With a lot of food, a player can survive the entire path.

Fire puzzle solution 5
Fifth puzzle

Twelfth Room[edit | edit source]

Char chathead.png

After lighting the fire, take the fifth journal. The person possessed this time is Emmett. During the interviews, you'll notice that Emmett is suspiciously level-headed when you talk to him, as opposed to earlier, when he lit himself on fire just by talking about flames, making it a dead give-away. He also stops mentioning the fact that everybody keeps accusing him of being possessed. If you decide incorrectly, Twig will be killed.

Char will warn you to prepare yourself. Head back to the surface to resupply on food, and to take a fast-hitting and accurate weapon with you, such as an abyssal whip, chaotic weaponry, or drygore weaponry if available. Off-hand weapons are also effective, as well as ranged or magic weapons. Armour should not be worn, since this will only increase Char's maximum hit. Use weight-reducing gear to conserve energy and if needed (if agility is low, perhaps), bring a few energy potions.

Char[edit | edit source]

Char (Monster) chathead.png

This is a safe battle, meaning you are expelled from the battle arena instead of dying, with Char taunting you. When this happens, the fight is reset and your stats and life are restored to full.

If you have run previously out of food or Char kills you, teleport outside of the dungeon, refill your food and come back. After teleporting out of the dungeon you will lose your pitch can, which you can get again from talking to Flint.

Char in her "Rage mode"

Take the last journal, but discard it if you wish as it is not required when fighting Char and can be obtained again from the cave. In the last room you will meet Char; she is standing in the cave downstairs. Now is the time to get some food, energy potions (about 2), and weight-reducing clothing. Summer pies are possibly the most ideal choice in terms of food, as they heal and restore 50% run energy. The salt-water spring at Oo'glog is highly recommended, as it will provide unlimited run energy for about 15–20 minutes. The Explorer's Ring may be useful to replenish run energy. Activating the ring may cause problems since it charges and delays your movement. You will be running a lot.

Char's hits on the player are based on the player's maximum life points, so wearing armour is probably counter-productive. Prayers and the Ring of Recoil do not work in reducing/inflicting damage during the fight, so do not bother bringing these items to the fight. The Rapid Heal, Redemption, and Fortitude prayers may be helpful should you run out of food.

The damage you inflict is calculated by how many fires you light with your pitch can, that is, damage = n x 101, where n is the number of fires you have lit. For example, if you have 7 fires lit, you will hit 707; with 12 fires lit, you will hit 1212. Therefore, it works well to light as many fires as you can in order to accelerate the fight. The lit fires die out naturally, and they can be extinguished in a 6x6 area by Char when she stomps the ground. It is beneficial to light fires in the northern end and to keep Char following you southward to prevent her from stamping them out. However, be sure to move away before she reaches you. One fast way to light multiple fires is to use the "Light Fire here" option and repeatedly light fires in a row from east to west. All fires made before the fight starts will disappear once the fight has begun. Fires lit by the player during this fight are impassable objects. Once you deem enough fires have been lit, begin attacking Char with your melee, ranged, or magic weapon of choice.

It is highly suggested that you put the pitch can on your ability bar. It's not necessary but it will make the fight much less click-intensive.

You cannot set up a Dwarf multicannon for the last boss fight, as you will receive a message stating that the cavern might cave in.

Summoning familiars can be used when fighting Char. A healing familiar such as a Unicorn stallion or Bunyip may be helpful, or a beast of burden such as a Spirit terrorbird or War Tortoise to hold extra food. A Terrorbird can also replenish run energy with Tireless Run scrolls.

It can be helpful to bring a shield and use Resonance to help heal from Char's attacks. A well timed resonance can heal for over 3000. It may also be helpful to wear the Warpriest of Armadyl or Bandos armour set, as their passive ability has a chance to reduce the cool-down of Resonance and other healing abilities by 15%.

Fighting Char in her powered up form.

Periodically, Char will rage and glow white. During this time she will be invulnerable, and will inflict heavy damage (more than 8,000) upon you should you be within melee range. She will eventually cool down, which will happen faster if you lure her into the water. A message will appear in the chat window, "Char's rage subsides." and she will cease to glow. It may only be worth luring her to the water if she begins glowing near the water. Otherwise, it is recommended that you merely avoid trying to fight her at this point and run around the room lighting fires for when she becomes vulnerable again. If you have your audio turned on, you can hear when Char switches to her rage even when she is not in your field of view.

When enraged, Char will deal massive damage if encountered. Often a single hit will be sufficient to kill a player. As such, it is imperative to avoid her while enraged at all costs.

If you attack Char as soon as the "Char's rage subsides" message appears, then you will have the longest possible time in which to fight her before she rages again. If you find that you are getting hit every time she rages, then it may be a good idea to back away before it happens and start lighting fires.

Occasionally Char will give off a spherical spark, which will also appear as another yellow dot on the mini-map. The sparks will do a small amount of damage if they touch you, or will give certain benefits if they hit one of your fires. The sparks' benefits, which are short-lived and don't appear to help much, are:

Green Your hit has a chance to restore some life points Life-giving spark
Blue With each hit, you have a chance to slow Char's attacks Cooling spark
Yellow Your hits have a chance of extra damage Glittering spark
Red Puts out your fires N/A

When Char is down to approx. 50% health, fire walls—similar to those experienced in earlier chambers—will periodically appear and sweep across the room. A wall typically has 2 gaps where you can pass through to avoid damage from the wall of fire. You can also surge through the walls to prevent damage. And going to the edge of the room will often avoid a wall of fire, even though it visually seems that the fire reaches to the room's edge. The walls may come from either side.

Finishing[edit | edit source]

The Firemaking group confronts Char.

Once Char has been defeated, she laments her defeat. The firemakers, who somehow become free, join the player, who can speak to Char again and gain some final information about Char and Zaros. Speaking to Char after this gains no more information, and the player can exit the room through the nearby tunnel. This brings the player and the firemakers to the surface, at a cave entrance to the north of the one used to start the quest. Speak to any of the firemakers to end the quest and get the rewards.

(If you beat her, but clicked after her final dialogue box, and are just standing there with the other adventurers, taking light damage constantly, teleport out of there and come back to talk to her to finish the quest).

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The Firemaker's Curse reward.png
Music unlocked

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

The Firemaker's Curse is directly required for the following quests/miniquests:

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Credits[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included—see here for how to help out!
  • patch 7 December 2020 (Update):
    • Sera no longer vanishes after entering the cave during The Firemaker's Curse.
  • ninja 1 April 2019 (Update):
    • Fires created throughout The Firemaker's Curse no longer block the player's movement.
  • ninja 18 June 2018 (Update):
    • The area when starting The Firemaker's Curse quest has been slightly widened to prevent the world area looking cut off.
  • ninja 16 April 2018 (Update):
    • The amount of damage taken from fire orbs during The Firemaker's Curse quest has been reduced slightly.
    • Having a line of fire between you and an exploding fire orb during The Firemaker's Curse quest will reduce damage taken by 75%
    • The progress overlay within one of Char's trials will now correctly display within the entire game window instead of only within the minigames window.
    • The progress bar during one of Char's trials is now more accurate.
    • Damage taken throughout The Firemaker's Curse quest has been reduced.
    • A right click option has been added to Flint during The Firemaker's Curse quest to reclaim the pitch can quicker.
  • patch 9 May 2016 (Update):
    • The left-click option on the pitch can used in the quest The Firemaker's Curse & minigame will now attempt to both light a fire underneath the player if it is not possible to light a fire in front of the player.
  • patch 23 June 2014 (Update):
    • Players starting the Firemaker’s Curse quest will no longer have their fixed camera view blocked by the cliff rework in the area.
  • patch 10 September 2013 (Update):
    • A spelling mistake in Sera's dialogue in The Firemaker's Curse has been fixed.
  • patch 16 April 2013 (Update):
    • Weapon overrides no longer render over the burning log you hold above your head during the Firemaker's Curse quest.
  • patch 20 March 2012 (Update):
    • A red triangle no longer appears beneath Char in Firemakers' Curse when killed over a water pool.
  • patch 31 January 2012 (Update):
    • Shadow tendrils in Firemaker's Curse are now correctly scaled in fixed screen mode.
    • More hints have been added to certain stages of Firemaker's Curse.
    • It is no longer possible to gain two torches in Firemaker's Curse by wielding one.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Firemaker's curse banner.jpg
The quest's Noticeboard banner
  • After completing the quest, the Adventurer's Log will read: I guided the firemakers through Char's caves and managed to recover her ancient Firemaking secrets.
  • The Twisted Firestarter is a reference to the song Firestarter by The Prodigy. It references the lyrics, "I'm a fire starter, twisted fire starter."
  • Just like the God birds, you can have all the Fire creatures by putting them one at a time in your house.
  • If one has a familiar summoned during the discussion at the start of the quest the familiar will welcome the adventurer to the firemaking group.
  • When the quest requirements were first announced in the Behind the Scenes of January 2012, the required Firemaking level for the quest was 91. This was later changed to level 74 for the quest and level 91 being required for access to Char's training cave after the quest.
  • There is a bug when after defeating Char, you will keep losing life points (between 1-99) and she will follow you around. During this time you cannot talk to her or anyone else. This is simply fixed by teleporting out of the cave and re-entering. You do not have to redo the fight.