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Concept art of the Exile

The Exile, also known as the Unburdened Worldbearer and later known as Honovi, is an adventurer found in a player-owned port. She can be unlocked by players with level 90 Dungeoneering, and once unlocked, she can give special voyages to the player running the port. She can be unlocked through either the tutorial or a special voyage.

The Exile's Story[edit | edit source]

Previous storyline cutscenes can be replayed by talking to the Exile when she is in the port.

Part 1: Meet the Exile[edit | edit source]

The player remarks how it is unusual to find a gorajo outside of Daemonheim. She tells them that she is not a gorajo, and the player presumes that she is then a ramokee, and that they don't need trouble at the port. She then replies that she isn't a ramokee either, and that she is only looking for solitude. She says that she is a worldbearer, but has no burden. She tells them to call her The Exile, as the Easterners mostly call her that and she has little care about what they say.

Part 2: Emotional Baggage[edit | edit source]

The Exile wishes to leave as there are too many people in the port. The player says that it isn't a good reason to borrow a ship, and she then tells them that she wishes to head for the Sunlight Veil as there are less people and she has some important business to do there. The player then gives her permission to leave the port, after which she thanks them. However, she comes back to the port afterwards, as the song the sirens sang there dredged painful memories of her past.

Part 3: Burden of Guilt[edit | edit source]

The Exile hears rumours that a ramokee has been trading with people in the Hook region. She tells the player that she was also looking for her brother, and wanted to be a worldbearer for him if she couldn't for others. The player tells them that one of their captains has a connection and sends her along with the ship to find her brother. She returns to the port, telling them that the captain's contacts were smugglers and would tell her where the ramokee was if she smuggled jewels for them. However, they never told her where the ramokee was and she reported them to the authorities on the island, and ended up being banished and not executed with the smugglers, stating that it would be just for her "crimes". The player wants to know more about her past, but she does not tell them.

Part 4: Unburdening the Soul[edit | edit source]

The Exile tells the player of her past. She tells them that she was abandoned by her parents, and did not know if they were gorajo or ramokee. A ramokee skinweaver later found her and took her in, and her music reminded her of joy, which the sirens were singing. The ramokee tribe lived deep in Daemonheim and were tolerated because of their lack of numbers and a deal made with Hearthen. Her adopted brother was the tribe's only bloodrager and made deals with him, while the worldbearers carried the goods back to the tribe. On one trip, the caravan was ambushed and all the ramokee were killed, except for her, but she hears that he may be working in the Scythe region and asks the player for a ship. She later returns back to port after finding him, being happy to meet him again, but was shocked how he had turned into a mercenary, bullying others and hiring out his services. She also tells them that he wanted her to become an "Endbringer", but she refused to as she was a worldbearer and that the gorajo had abandoned that role.

Part 5: Blood from a Stone[edit | edit source]

The Exile wishes to return to her brother because she wanted to know how he had survived the massacre, as she lied to the player about being with the caravan. The tribe's last task was to bring strange black stones to the bottom of Daemonheim, and she did not like the voices down there and hid. After gaining courage to look for her tribe, she only found their bodies. The tribe's challam told her to look for her brother, and she agrees to because she thinks he may have killed them because of his actions in the Eastern Lands. The player tells them that some mercenaries are wrecking havoc in the Isles of Juniper, and she agrees to go with the ship to try to curtail her brother's violent ways.

She later returns and tells the player that the animals in the Isles of Juniper were more docile than the mastyx found in Daemonheim, and that her brother was killing them for fun rather than for the hides or meat. The player asks her why he was doing it, and that her brother told her that a contractor had hired him to kill the animals. After asking him about the caravan, she found out that he was responsible for killing them all. She also found out that the black stones was their last contract, after which the tribe would no longer be tolerated, and that he would live if he killed the others. She wants to be with the challam again, but the player reminds her that she is a worldbearer and must carry the burdens of her tribe. The player tells her that he needs to be stopped, and that she should be his endbringer, but she cannot do it. The player then asks her if she found out about the contractor, and she tells them the contractor's name was Kakashi.

Part 6: Weight On, Weight Off[edit | edit source]

The player asks The Exile how she feels after the incident at the Isles of Juniper, and she says that she is feeling better. She knows that with her brother's death justice will be served, but she cannot do it because she is too afraid to fight him. She sensed his guilt, but her grief blinded her from the truth. She also cannot fight him because she is no warrior. The player then arranges the Exile to train with the Gu in Ashihama, as they are known masters of combat, and the player feels she would learn a lot from them. 

The Exile returns to port, saying that the Gu gave her tasks similar to the ones she had in the tribe. She ended up getting impatient as she was not being taught to fight but was doing their burdens, and snapped when one of the Gu asked her to massage his feet. The Gu told her that she needed to unlearn her past before her actual training could begin, and that she was not supposed to be a worldbearer. She does not call herself a Gorajo or ramokee, but instead Honovi, after a gentle creature from the Spirit Plane with powerful strength that it displays if threatened. The player tells them that the Gu would like her to come back and learn more, and she continues to learn from them, as she hopes that one day she can face her brother, and thanks the player for their help.

Completing this voyage rewards the player with 15 lacquer and 10 ancient bones.

Guardians of the World[edit | edit source]

Guardians of the World is a storyline in which the Exile works alongside The Memory and The Tengu.

Part 1: Lament of the Sea[edit | edit source]

The Memory informs the player that a new wisp colony has formed at Light Under Sea. It may be a trap however, so the player also sends the Exile and the Tengu to protect her while they also treat the unaffiliated seasingers there. The three return and tell the player that Kakashi was draining the seasingers when they arrived for an unknown purpose. They also hear about "Kami-shima" from the seasingers, although none of them know what it means.

Part 2: Gu: Warriors of the Magic Mountain[edit | edit source]

The Tengu tells the group that they should visit his creators, the Gu people, as they are known for their vast knowledge of the Wushanko Isles, so the player sends him and the Memory to the Tengu Archipelago to visit them. The player then tells the Exile to meet up with Benkei, giving him a coded message to tell him that the Exile is a friendly contact.

The three return to the player after a while, with the Tengu and Memory telling the player that "Kami-shima" was a special island where the sea creatures originated from, and there were no gods in the Wushanko Isles because it was hidden from them by the world. The Exile tells the player that Benkei was dead, killed by the Exile's brother as Kakashi found out that he was spying on them. However, she found a hidden note on his body, stating that Kakashi had a fleet of ships and a mercenary army protecting him. He also drained the island of its energy, and created another tower, this time to be aimed at the player for unknown reasons.

Part 3: Guardians of the World[edit | edit source]

The player tells the three that their captains have found Kami-shima, and plans to go along with them to face Kakashi. The three plead to the player not to come, as they are sure that he'll fire the weapon on them if they come along. Despite the player's arguments stating that as being the World Guardian and being protected by the magic of the gods, the Memory tells them that they will probably be unable to take on the energy of a planet. The Gu will send their warriors to fight the mercenary army while the seasingers will deal with the enemy fleet. Before leaving, the Tengu tells the player that he drugged their drink, and the player falls unconscious shortly afterwards.

They all return to the player after the battle, telling the player that Kakashi is dead and his Scarecrow is destroyed. The Exile's brother has been captured during the fight, and the player can't believe that the three had drugged them. During the battle, they saw creatures coming out from the island, aiding them and fighting against the mercenary forces, which the Tengu says were shi-guardian lions. The Memory deposited some of the divine energy back into the island, but could not deposit all of them. The three also felt invigorated, realising that the island has made them its guardians after the battle.

Resource voyages[edit | edit source]

The Exile's resource voyages are called Hidden Resources. They reward the player with chimes and the region's resource or, later in the game, lacquer, but do not advance the story line. The adversity and reward vary depending on the region. When The Exile offers more than one special voyage, the player must choose between them.

Clue voyages[edit | edit source]

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The Exile has three clue voyages:

  • An Outside Resource: The Exile has located Gu Master Sakura, who has agreed to help her locate the resource dungeon.
  • Bring it Tome:
  • Marker Research:

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References[edit | edit source]

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