The Equinox

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The Equinox is a Treasure Hunter promotion and may not currently be active.

The Equinox is a Treasure Hunter promotion that originally ran in March 2018. Players are able to collect Solite sigils and Lunite sigils for the Solite and Lunite Armour, respectively. The sigil type being obtained changes every three hours, and the players can switch the type once per those three hours. The sigils can also be obtained directly from Treasure Hunter.

Sigils can also be converted to the other type at a 3:1 ratio.

Prizes[edit | edit source]

Solite sigils.png50
Lunite sigils.png50
Solite sigils.png100
Lunite sigils.png100
Solite sigils.png150
Lunite sigils.png150
Solite helm.png
Lunite helm.png
Solstice blade.png
Solstice shield.png

Release history[edit | edit source]

The Equinox (edit)
Start date End date Update/promo
15 March 2018 19 March 2018 The Equinox