The Divine Delusion

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The Divine Delusion is an item used in Kindred Spirits.

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The Divine Delusion

The human soul is a tricky construct, more comprised of emotion than quantifiable elements. Yet it is most assuredly a real, measurable thing. This I have demonstrated several times in my experiments.

There are various scholars that would argue that the strength of the soul is measured by one's devotion to a deity. That the worship of and adherence to the tenets of a powerful being of divine classification makes one's soul inherently more enriched and robust.

I believe that this theory is naught but the prattle of clergy and the dogmatic response of those who themselves live their lives according to the whims of a deity. The empirical evidence does not have me convinced. I have studied the souls of priests and criminals and can find little to no difference in the strength of the soul based on those beliefs. Indeed some criminals appeared to possess stronger souls than the clergymen.

Instead I propose that the soul has little actual relationship with the divine and is perhaps something entirely other. My extensive research shows that the health and strength of one's soul comes from action and inspiration. It is my firm belief that the strongest souls belong to those who have made the most out of their lives, who have experienced everything that the world has to offer and braved the greatest of challenges. It even seems as though the Schism has more difficulty in snapping such souls free from their current host.

Furthermore, I posit that the soul is perhaps more closely linked to biology than theology, though certainly it falls outside the practice of conventional medicine. I believe that the soul, like the flesh, can be both harmed, healed and indeed extracted.

Indeed, if one could find a compatible host, it could conceivably be possible to transfer a soul to the new host. What effects this could have I cannot say. Still, progress demands experimentation.

- Oreb, Magister of House Charron.

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