The Crocodile Hunter

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The Crocodile Hunter is an achievement that requires player to unlock all Hunter upgrades from Dundee's Shop which requires a total of 5,000 scarabs to be caught at Het's Oasis (stacked scarabs also count towards this total).

The lower level whirligigs have a higher catch rate and as you go up there is a chance for your crocodile to fail a catch, so it is quickest to catch plain whirligigs for the crocodile upgrades. Scarabs can be obtained at a rate of approximately 1,000 per hour. Actively clicking scarabs is similar to two-tick methods, as your croc goes for a scarab you can quickly click on other scarabs to catch them instantly (up to 3 others); this method works better when stack upgrade is unlocked (up to 5 others).

Upgrade Amount of scarabs caught
Increased catch rate 250
Double loot chance 500
Flower saving chance 1,000
Increased XP rate 1,500
Increased scarab stacks 3,000
Golden crocodile cosmetic upgrade 5,000

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name of the achievement is a reference to The Crocodile Hunter TV series which was hosted by Steve Irwin.