The Courtship of Elidinis

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The Courtship of Elidinis detail.png

The Courtship of Elidinis is a book found in the Grand Library of Menaphos. It is obtained from the third bookcase on the northern wall in the north-west corner of the second level.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:The Courtship of Elidinis.

He came to the water's edge to drink at night.

And knelt beside the reeds to plunge his hand.

Proud Tumeken looked up at movement bright.

To see a figure stood upon the strand.

Elidinis walked by the riverbank,

For who had come alone, unmarked, to this,

Her stream of life with woods on either flank?

A stranger, yet soon greeted with a kiss.

The sun he snared, a jewel to feed her dream.

Rich life within her shared with all the land.

The Kharid-ib given beside the stream,

But now he sleeps her dreams have turned to sand.

When he awakes and stands upon the shore,

He looks and weeps, alone forevermore.