The Bird and the Beast/Golem Construction

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Crush, the Bandosian golem master with a partially completed golem
A partially completed golem in Ge'eka's, the Armadylean golem master, workshop

During The Bird and the Beast world event, players could use votes in the Golem Construction interface to construct golems, Bandosian golems and Armadylean golems, for their faction. This could be done by interacting with the partially completed golem on the first floor of the base tower, or by talking to the Bandosian golem master or the Armadylean golem master. Voting was done every 2-3 hours.

Golems were custom built mechanical monsters which defend caravans and faction sites. A golem was constructed from a head, a pair of arms, a pair of legs and a body. Each of these had three options: offensive, defensive, or special. Players voted on the favourite for each limb, and when the votes reached 100% for that limb, that option is selected. Each option determined how the golem behaved and attacked. Once all limbs reached 100%, the golem was completed and could perform its duties.

Defensive golems teleported to any friendly convoy and followed the caravan as an extra bodyguard, attacking players, golems or other NPCs. Offensive golems teleported to any enemy convoy that is stationary and attacked that convoy starting with the golem, then the bodyguards, then the caravan.

Golem limb types[edit | edit source]

Limb Offensive Defensive Special
Bandos symbol.png Armadyl symbol.png Use Bandos symbol.png Armadyl symbol.png Use Bandos symbol.png Armadyl symbol.png Use
Head Bandosian golem head offensive.png Armadylean golem head offensive.png Increased attacking power and speed. Bandosian golem head defensive.png Armadylean golem head defensive.png Increased armour and lifespan. Bandosian golem head special.png Armadylean golem head special.png Rallying cry special ability:
Aids allies in defending and repairing caravans.
Torso Bandosian golem torso offensive.png Armadylean golem torso offensive.png Bandosian golem torso defensive.png Armadylean golem torso defensive.png Bandosian golem torso special.png Armadylean golem torso special.png Healing aura:
Heals nearby allies.
Legs Bandosian golem legs offensive.png Armadylean golem legs offensive.png Bandosian golem legs defensive.png Armadylean golem legs defensive.png Bandosian golem legs special.png Armadylean golem legs special.png Special attack:
Stuns nearby enemies.
Increased attack speed.
Arms Bandosian golem arms offensive.png Armadylean golem arms offensive.png Bandosian golem arms defensive.png Armadylean golem arms defensive.png Bandosian golem arms special.png Armadylean golem arms special.png Gather special ability:
Nearby allies collect resources more quickly.

Gallery[edit | edit source]