The Bird and the Beast

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The Bird and the Beast (sometimes abbreviated as BnB) was the second world event, which started on 11 December 2013 and ended on 21 January 2014, after six weeks of battle. The event featured the gods Armadyl and Bandos fighting over weapons of mass destruction atop towers that they had aimed at the opposing god, in addition to caravans all across Misthalin and Asgarnia that could be raided by players. The Godless interfered with this world event, sending members to ambush the gods' troops.

Unlike the first world event, the Battle of Lumbridge, the loser of the conflict died. Divination played a role in this world event and safe PvP conflict was available. Wilderness skirmish events remained dangerous, where players could lose items if they died. The benefits of enabling PvP included increased renown, more experience, faster construction of buildings and Heroic skulls. The heroic skulls were a possible drop from killing a worthy opponent in PvP, and could be buried at the faction tower for a chunk of Prayer experience. Players were also able to build golems.

Similar to the Battle of Lumbridge, players were able to gain armour for the god they sided with, the Warpriest of Armadyl and the Warpriest of Bandos armour. These are hybrid armour similar to the Warpriest of Zamorak and Warpriest of Saradomin armour available from the first world event, however these provide a decrease to ability cooldowns instead of damage reduction. Other rewards included 3 new Abilities for all combat types, and new emotes.

Players were also able to switch factions at will, albeit at a cost of renown, faction token, votes, and title obtained from the previous faction.

History[edit | edit source]

With the depletion of the rift in Lumbridge at the climax of the battle between Saradomin and Zamorak, the gods were forced to find other sources of divine energy.

Caravans depart to collect divine energy.

Both Armadyl and Bandos turned to the newly discovered skill of Divination, planning to use weapons of mass destruction powered by divine energy to kill their rival, with Bandos calling his weapon the Scarecrow, and Armadyl calling his the Divine Focus. To gather energy, they sent out caravans of their followers to sites to key places around Asgarnia and Misthalin to find the energy and bring it back to their mighty towers, and gathered followers to claim and defend these sites as well as the caravans.

The result of the Divine Focus's blast.

After six weeks of battle, Armadyl and his followers were able to fully charge the Divine Focus, and used it to fire a blast at Bandos, which completely destroyed his tower and decapitated him. Armadyl then came to inspect Bandos's corpse, took his discarded mace and used it to smash what little remained of Bandos. Satisfied, he then took the mace with him and he and his followers left, with Bandos's remaining followers doing the same.

Starting the event[edit | edit source]

Players could start the event by talking to Kara-Meir located at the north of Falador and choosing the faction they would like to represent: Bandos or Armadyl. Bandos's Tower was located east of the Goblin Village, while Armadyl's Tower was located next to the Clan Camp south of Falador.

Player aligned with Armadyl Player aligned with Bandos

Players' role in the war[edit | edit source]

The HUD with full "Remaining energy" and an active Golem

Obtaining renown[edit | edit source]

At the start of the event, members could gather 30,000 renown daily, while free-to-play players could gather only up to 14,000 each day. On 5 January, at the start of the sixth phase, the renown limit was increased to 45,000 per day for members and 21,000 per day for free-to-play players. The remaining daily limit was displayed via "Remaining energy" in the war HUD.

Skill Method of obtaining renown
Divination Gathering divine energy and divine crystals
Construction Constructing & repairing buildings
Construction Destroying enemy buildings
Constitution Healing allied convoy NPCs
Zero weakness icon.png Killing enemy players in designated PvP areas
Zero weakness icon.png Killing enemy convoy NPCs

Sites[edit | edit source]

Unlike the Battle of Lumbridge where battle was confined to the Lumbridge crater, this event involved 14 sites, scattered around in the free-to-play game. Each site could be occupied by any faction, and occupied sites were localised on each world and not shared for all worlds.

A location map showing all available sites
Sites for the war (click to show)
Area Screenshot Location Map
North Barbarian Village WE2 sites - North Barbarian Village.png North of Gamers' Grotto WE2 site maps - North of Barbarian Village.png
South of Barbarian Village WE2 sites - South of Barbarian Village.png North of Draynor Manor WE2 site maps - South of Barbarian Village.png
East of Draynor Manor WE2 sites - East of Draynor Manor.png East of Draynor Manor near River Lum WE2 site maps - East of Draynor Manor.png
South of Draynor Manor WE2 sites - South of Draynor Manor.png Entrance of Draynor Manor WE2 site maps - South of Draynor Manor.png
North of Falador WE2 sites - North of Falador.png Between Falador lodestone and Gamers' Grotto WE2 site maps - North of Falador.png
East of Falador WE2 sites - East of Falador.png Between Falador and Draynor Manor WE2 site maps - East of Falador.png
South of Falador WE2 sites - South of Falador.png North of Falador farming patch near the Elder tree WE2 site maps - South of Falador.png
Goblin Village WE2 sites - Goblin Village.png South of Bandos's Tower and Goblin Village WE2 site maps - Goblin Village.png
Lumbridge WE2 sites - Lumbridge.png North of Combat Academy WE2 site maps - Lumbridge.png
North of Lumbridge WE2 sites - North of Lumbridge.png South of Champions' Guild across River Lum WE2 site maps - North of Lumbridge.png
Port Sarim WE2 sites - Port Sarim.png North of The Rusty Anchor inn WE2 site maps - Port Sarim.png
South-east of Varrock WE2 sites - South-East of Varrock.png East of Dark Wizard's circle WE2 site maps - South-east of Varrock.png
South-west of Varrock WE2 sites - South-West of Varrock.png Near Champions' Guild WE2 site maps - South-west of Varrock.png
West of Varrock WE2 sites - West of Varrock.png West of Cooks' Guild WE2 site maps - West of Varrock.png

Building and repurposing[edit | edit source]

Unoccupied neutral site for constructing faction buildings.

After occupying a site, several types of buildings could be built. However, the buildings could only be built on neutral sites. When a building was first constructed, it was at 10% health. All players could then increase the health of the building to 100%, and enemies could damage the building to 0%, destroying it and turning the site neutral. To rebuild a recently destroyed building, players had to wait 10 minutes to rebuild at that site. However, the enemy could immediately build at that site. Players had 20 minutes to complete a building, otherwise it reverted back to the empty neutral site. Players could also vote to re-purpose a building into another type, each vote lasting 2 minutes.

Building interface choosing the building to build.

Players earned Construction experience and renown whenever they successfully added or removed health from any building. All players who worked to build a building until completion, or tear one down until destruction, received renown. 5 renown was awarded each time an action is performed; this was doubled to 10 renown per action when PvP mode was enabled, which meant it took 21 minutes of work for a f2p to use all their energy and 45 minutes for a member. The Constructor's outfit, Sculpting chisel, Wisdom or Festive Aura could be used to gain additional experience. The Two-leaf clover necklace also provided an experience boost, and did not lose charges from working on construction sites.

All completed buildings could be teleported to, by using the War map item or from the War map in the ground floor of the faction tower.

Name Bandosian Armadylean Build time Duration Purpose
Faction Banner Faction banner (Bandos).png Faction banner (Armadyl).png 6 minutes 2:00 hours Site became occupied by this faction faster as this is quick to build. There were no additional benefits.
Spider Hole Spider hole (Bandos).png Spider hole (Armadyl).png 10 minutes 1:30 hours Ambushers appeared from the spider hole and attack bodyguards of the enemy convoys and then the caravan units themselves. Or if a friendly convoy passed, extra bodyguards appeared to defend it.
Combat Monolith Combat monolith (Bandos).png Combat monolith (Armadyl).png 11 minutes 1:20 hours Gave a buff to friendly players. Buff was activated when a player came within 7 squares of the building, and lasted for 30 seconds. It was automatically renewed if they remained within 7 squares of the building. The buff healed the player when dealing PvP damage with the restoration capped at 200.
Divining Siphon Divining siphon (Bandos).png Divining siphon (Armadyl).png 12 minutes 1:10 hours Increased the gather rate by 10-25% for friendly convoys, and 10-15% of divine energy from enemy convoys was siphoned into the faction score.

Killing and PvP mode[edit | edit source]

Player and NPC killing was only possible within PvP areas, which are around the building sites and denoted on the ground by red double lines. These areas were safe, meaning players did not lose any items upon death. To enable player killing, PvP mode had to be enabled. This could be done by using the PvP board outside the faction tower, or by opening the Adventures tab (F3 by default, and the compass icon). The PvP board also listed significant kills by the top 15 players, and the players' kill/death ratio.

All players who dealt damage received 256 renown per kill, and the player who dealt the most damage, dependent on relative combat levels, received a heroic skull per kill. The skulls could only be buried within the faction tower for Prayer experience. The experience per skull increased if more than one skull is buried at once. However, heroic skulls were lost upon death when killed by another player.

Activating PvP mode doubled the renown received per action and increased experience by 33%. Actions were also performed roughly twice as fast. For example, if a player earned 5 renown and 10 Construction experience per action normally, turning PvP mode on turned this into 10 renown and ~13.3 Construction experience. While having PvP mode on allowed a player to gain renown about four times faster when building, it also decreased the amount of experience earned per renown gained. Thus, if the player was aiming to gain as much experience as possible, it was advisable that PvP mode is deactivated.

There was a cooldown period of 6 seconds upon entering the PvP areas. Combat was also scaled according to level. This meant that weak players became stronger, and strong players became weaker depending on their opponent.

Mode Bandos symbol.png Armadyl symbol.png
PvP on Male [Name], Bandosian Warrior [Name], Armadylean Warrior
Female [Name], Bandos Warrior [Name], Armadyl Warrior
PvP off Male [Name], Bandosian Follower [Name], Armadylean Follower
Female [Name], Bandos Follower [Name], Armadyl Follower

Convoys and Divination[edit | edit source]

Bandosian and Armadylean convoys appeared at random sites once every 20 minutes. Each faction only had one active convoy at any time. Each convoy was composed of the following, where the exact composition depended on the convoy strategy implemented and the voting choices made during the phases:

A convoy travelled from its spawn site to a destination site, stopping twice along the way. At each stop, the diviners for each convoy tried to locate divine energy stating "Seeking divine energy!" several times. After their unsuccessful attempt, the convoy moved on. Upon reaching their destination, the diviners successfully found the divine energy and started harvesting. A progress bar kept track of the capacity of the respective caravans.

An Armadylean caravan at the final node, siphoning wisps.

At this point, players could choose to help their diviners for renown and Divination experience. During phase 1, 10 renown was awarded each time an action was performed; this was doubled to 20 renown per action when PvP mode was enabled. During and after phase 2, the renown awarded was 15 and 30, respectively. Players also obtained renown for healing friendly units (with the 'Engage' option). Once the caravans were full, the convoy despawned and returned to the faction tower. However, if the convoy was attacked and killed before completely harvesting the energy, the convoy retreated to the faction towers with whatever they had harvested thus far. Players obtained sacred metal fragments as well as weapon override components, regardless of whether the convoy was successful in the harvesting or was killed in the process.

Enemy convoys were not attackable during their journey to the destination site. The convoy only became attackable when they were stationary: when they were at the intermediate sites, and finally at their destination site. The caravans could only be attacked after the bodyguards had been killed. Diviners and players could be stunned using the Disruptor Rod to delay them. If the site had a Spider Hole building, enemy ambushers could attack players and other units. Players received sacred metal fragments as well as weapon components as drops from killing the enemy units. The golem, however, could still be active at this point and did not require killing. When the caravans' health was fully depleted, they despawned and retreated. At this time players could also receive sacred metal fragments and weapon override components.

Divine crystals could be found while harvesting divine energy using the Divination skill. When deposited, they provided 750 renown, at the expense of an equal amount of energy. Only up to 1,500 renown could be earned by using divine crystals per day.

Switching factions[edit | edit source]

Players who wished to switch factions could do so by talking to Kara-Meir located north of Falador. Players lost their god token (Bandosian token or Armadylean token), accumulated renown, the Warmaster/Vanguard title, and votes. However, players retained in their inventory all war-related items (i.e. weapon override components, sacred metal fragments, warpriest armour, etc.), and was still able to use unlocked emotes and titles (with the exception of the Warmaster/Vanguard title).

Kept upon switching Lost upon switching

Random events[edit | edit source]

Random events occurred randomly throughout the world event. Some of the random events were announced by using yellow text in the chatbox, although most were not.

Passing events[edit | edit source]

Passing events had a chance to occur at the intermediate sites of the convoy. Each event lasted 10 minutes or until the passing event was completed.

Image Event Details
Treasure.png Treasure chest A treasure chest appears where it can be searched by 10 players for coins. The amount received by players is dependent on their skill levels. It also gives a chance for a random override part for your faction.
Golem parts.png Golem limbs A follower of Sliske appears and offers golem limbs to players who talk to them. If 20 players from one faction accept their offer, that faction will receive an additional 5% for each golem limb.
The Godless truce A member of the Godless appears and asks players which faction the Godless should offer a 2-hour truce. The first faction with 20 players accepting the truce will stop Godless ambushers from attacking for 2 hours.
Tricking the Godless.png Tricking the Godless A follower of Sliske appears and asks players if they want to trick the Godless into attacking the opposing faction. The first faction with 20 players accepting the deal will ensure that the Godless will attack the enemy faction. If there are no buildings within the site, or a truce is in place, the next attack will be delayed for an hour.
Alchemist event.png Wandering alchemist A wandering alchemist offers the player a drink of a new energy potion (40 doses). Players may only drink this potion when it is offered by the alchemist. Upon drinking it, it will replenish a slight amount of the player's "Energy" (the daily limit) for the event, allowing the player to gain more renown per day.
Makeshift banner.png Makeshift banner If a convoy visits a neutral site with no buildings, they will create a makeshift banner which will last for 15 minutes.

Gathering events[edit | edit source]

Gathering events had a chance to occur at the final destination site of the convoy, while the diviners were collecting divine energy.

Image Event Details
Small energy wisps BnB.png Small energy wisps The energy wisps are smaller than normal, and gathering will be done at 75% rate of the standard gathering rate by players and diviners.
Large wisps.png Large energy wisps The energy wisps are larger than normal, and gathering will be done at 125% rate of the standard gathering rate by players and diviners.
Enriched spring (The Bird and the Beast).png Enriched energy wisps A single energy wisp is replaced with an enriched wisp, which provides 175% of the standard gathering rate by players only.
Bodyguard armour The convoy bodyguards receive additional armour, and will have damage dealt to them reduced by 75%.
Bodyguard dysentery One of the convoy bodyguards contracts dysentery. This gives them disease which repeatedly hits for heavy damage resulting in the unit's death.
Godless Ambush.png Godless ambush Several Godless ambushers appear and attack the convoy bodyguards. This will not occur if a truce has been agreed with the Godless.
Poison gas BnB.png Poison gas A poison gas cloud appears and deals a small amount of damage to players and NPCs from both factions. Increased damage is dealt to those closer to the centre of the gas. The gas also reduces the damage dealt by golems. The caravans themselves are not affected.
Defenders.png Local defenders Local defenders appear to defend the convoy, and retaliate against players who attack the bodyguards, diviners, or the caravan itself.
Disruptor rod Nearby players either discharge or recharge their disruptor rod by two charges. Empty rods are not recharged.
Poisoned weapons The bodyguards protecting the convoy have their weapons poisoned. This only occurs on members worlds.

Other events[edit | edit source]

The following events occurred under any condition:

Image Event Details
Ambusher attacks.png Enemy ambushes A Bandosian or Armadylean ambusher attacks a player of the opposite faction up to 3 times per day. The event occurs after at least 15 minutes of being logged in, and after the first ambush, occurs every hour or so. This can occur in any world event PvP area. When killed, they reward 100 renown (or 200 when PvP mode is on) to every player that damaged them, and they may also drop sacred metal fragments and weapon override components.
Builder apprenticeship.png Builder apprenticeship A master builder and a builder appears at an empty neutral site and offers players to construct a building. The first faction with 10 players to accept this offer will have a random building for their faction built at the site. This event lasts 10 minutes.
Brigand ransom A brigand boss and a brigand appears at an empty neutral site and demands donations before they will allow the construction of a building. Players will be unable to construct any building at the site unless 300,000 coins is paid to them. They will not accept anything less than 10,000 coins or more than 50,000 coins per player, and will only accept one donation per player. This event lasts 30 minutes.

Skirmishes[edit | edit source]

Armadyleans fight Bandosians in the Wilderness Volcano.

Skirmishes between the two factions occurred randomly independent of the convoys. Skirmishes lasted for 30 minutes, or until all the NPCs of one faction was killed. In a skirmish, a number of NPCs (Bandosian battle-mages and Armadylean battle-mages) spawned in particular locations within Gielinor and began attacking each other. Players were able to aid them by killing members of the opposing faction for sacred metal fragments and weapon override components. If the skirmish ended after running out of time, a stalemate was declared and neither side won. If all the NPCs on one faction were killed, the players who participated on the winning faction gained 1,250 renown.

Location Map
North of Al Kharid North of Al-Kharid skirmish location.png
South of Lumbridge South of Lumbridge skirmish location.png
South of Draynor Village South of Draynor village skirmish location.png
Falador Falador skirmish location.png
West of Port Sarim West of Port Sarim skirmish location.png
West of Edgeville West of Edgeville skirmish location.png
The ruined village at Daemonheim Daemonheim skirmish location.png
In the Wilderness Volcano[s 1] Wilderness Volcano skirmish location.png
  1. ^ IMPORTANT NOTE: The Wilderness is a dangerous area. If players are killed in the Wilderness, they will lose all their items, except the one protected with the Protect Item prayer or curse.

Influencing the war[edit | edit source]

The votes from contributing in the war could be spent on microchanges and escalations. Voting on golem construction required contribution points. Voting on army management and faction strategy does not require any spending.

Microchanges and escalations[edit | edit source]

As with Battle of Lumbridge, votes could be cast on microchanges and escalations by using the Voting board on the ground floor, or by talking to the Armadylean record keeper or the Bandosian record keeper.

Microchanges provided a boost to the faction (such as improved gathering rate and increased damage), and the chosen buff was displayed in the war HUD. Escalations increased the urgency and the difficulty of the war. When escalations were active, the rate of interference by the Godless faction increased.

Army Management[edit | edit source]

As with Duke Horacio's Dilemma portion of the Battle of Lumbridge, votes was cast to manage the faction army by using the Battle plans on a table (for Bandosians) or the Lectern (for Armadyleans) on the ground floor, or by talking to the Armadylean record keeper or the Bandosian record keeper.

The management interface was used to recruit more army (bodyguards, ambushers, and battle-mages), and to improve morale. After voting, players could claim bonus experience for any desired skill. This bonus experience was received when training the skill in which the experience was chosen. However, this bonus experience could only be gained on a members' server.

Faction Strategy[edit | edit source]

Similar to the army management, the strategy for the faction was influenced by the player through votes. This was done by using the Strategy board located on the ground floor. There were no NPCs associated with this vote.

Unlike the other votings, this vote was changed freely at any time, and as frequently as wished by the player.

Golem Construction[edit | edit source]

Players could also use votes to construct golems for their faction. This was done by interacting with the partially completed golem on the first floor, or by talking to the Armadylean golem master or the Bandosian golem master.

Golems were custom built mechanical monsters which defended caravans and faction sites. A golem was constructed from a head, a pair of arms, a pair of legs and a body. Each of these had three options: offensive, defensive, or special. Each option determined how the golem behaved and attacked. Defensive golems teleported to any friendly convoy and followed the caravan as an extra bodyguard, attacking players, golems or other NPCs. Offensive golems teleported to any enemy convoy that was stationary and attacked that convoy starting with a golem, then the bodyguards, then the caravan.

War phases[edit | edit source]

Phase Period Voting Army Management Rewards
Microchanges Escalations
1 11 December15 December Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Tier 1
2 16 December20 December Yes check.svg Yes check.svg
3 21 December25 December Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Tier 2
4 26 December30 December Yes check.svg Yes check.svg
5 31 December4 January Yes check.svg Yes check.svg Tier 3
6 5 January9 January Yes check.svg Yes check.svg
7 10 January14 January Yes check.svg Yes check.svg
8 15 January19 January X mark.svg X mark.svg X mark.svg
9 20 January21 January X mark.svg X mark.svg X mark.svg

Progress of war[edit | edit source]

  • By the end of phase 1 on 15 December, players from both factions had voted to increase the rate their diviners collected resources by 10%.
  • On 17 December, sacred metal shards started dropping via divining, healing convoy members, building and tearing down buildings. In addition, renown obtained by interacting with convoys and killing players via PvP increased by 50%.
  • By the end of phase 2 on 20 December, Bandosian players had voted for better bodyguards while Armadylean players had voted for better diviners.
  • At the beginning of phase 3, the Armadylean and Bandosian quartermasters opened up the Requisitions to Tier 2 rewards. In addition, adventurers who joined in the conflict found themselves being attacked by enemy NPCs (Bandosian ambushers and Armadylean ambushers) at random times. Godless ambushers also started attacking convoys.
  • By the end of phase 3 on 25 December, players from both factions had voted to increase damage by Bandosian and Armadylean bodyguards by 50%.
  • By the end of phase 4 on 30 December, Bandosian players had voted for tougher caravans while Armadylean players had voted for bigger caravans.
  • At the beginning of phase 5, the Armadylean and Bandosian quartermasters opened up the Requisitions to Tier 3 rewards.
  • By the end of phase 5 on 4 January, both Bandosian and Armadylean players voted to increase the rate at which they gathered divine energy at their respective convoys by 10%.
  • At the beginning of phase 6, the energy cap was increased from 30,000 to 45,000 for members and from 14,000 to 21,000 for free players.
  • By the end of phase 6 on 9 January, players from both factions had voted for greater benefits from holding a majority of buildings, where passive benefits are boosted by 10%.
  • By the end of phase 7 on 15 January, players from both factions had voted to increase the effects of structures by 25%.
  • At the beginning of phase 8, the number of sacred metal fragments obtained by players was increased.

War statistics[edit | edit source]

The following is the faction score for Bandos and Armadyl during the event:

The Bird and the Beast statistics.png
Phase Day Date Time
Score Percentage
Total Bandos symbol.png Armadyl symbol.png Lead Bandos symbol.png Armadyl symbol.png
1 1 11 December 16:00 235,260 71,640 163,620 91,980 30.45% 69.55%
1 1 11 December 17:15 318,584 92,948 225,636 132,688 29.18% 70.82%
1 1 11 December 22:27 649,711 172,570 477,141 304,571 26.56% 73.44%
1 1 11 December 23:42 735,281 199,303 535,978 336,675 27.11% 72.89%
1 2 12 December 00:40 804,382 219,947 584,435 364,488 27.34% 72.66%
1 2 12 December 05:40 1,113,998 301,697 812,301 510,604 27.08% 72.92%
1 2 12 December 14:20 1,726,499 512,324 1,214,175 701,851 29.67% 70.33%
1 2 12 December 18:10 1,986,801 591,119 1,395,682 804,563 29.75% 70.25%
1 3 13 December 01:15 2,430,117 739,122 1,690,995 951,873 30.42% 69.58%
1 3 13 December 21:21 3,604,192 1,180,960 2,423,232 1,242,272 32.77% 67.23%
1 4 14 December 01:03 3,806,490 1,251,867 2,554,623 1,302,756 32.89% 67.11%
1 4 14 December 13:47 4,517,669 1,513,023 3,004,646 1,491,623 33.49% 66.51%
1 4 14 December 20:24 4,881,053 1,639,792 3,241,261 1,601,469 33.6% 66.4%
1 5 15 December 04:44 5,350,320 1,808,999 3,541,321 1,732,322 33.81% 66.19%
1 5 15 December 14:50 5,961,623 2,054,901 3,906,722 1,851,821 34.47% 65.53%
1 5 15 December 21:14 6,310,804 2,171,445 4,139,359 1,967,914 34.41% 65.59%
2 6 16 December 04:45 6,729,044 2,319,035 4,410,009 2,090,974 34.46% 65.54%
2 6 16 December 11:43 7,164,225 2,499,114 4,665,111 2,165,997 34.88% 65.12%
2 7 17 December 03:00 8,042,941 2,813,713 5,229,228 2,415,515 34.98% 65.02%
2 7 17 December 11:01 8,542,986 3,016,779 5,526,207 2,509,428 35.31% 64.69%
2 7 17 December 21:17 9,219,836 3,311,820 5,908,016 2,596,196 35.92% 64.08%
2 8 18 December 07:12 9,844,045 3,571,435 6,272,610 2,701,175 36.28% 63.72%
2 9 19 December 06:09 11,407,379 4,271,641 7,135,738 2,864,097 37.45% 62.55%
2 9 19 December 15:14 12,077,219 4,547,605 7,529,614 2,982,009 37.65% 62.35%
2 10 20 December 01:36 12,849,900 4,805,737 8,044,163 3,238,426 37.4% 62.6%
2 10 20 December 15:20 13,919,280 5,186,382 8,732,898 3,546,516 37.26% 62.74%
3 11 21 December 07:08 15,273,625 5,663,169 9,610,456 3,947,287 37.08% 62.92%
3 11 21 December 13:21 15,901,873 5,907,154 9,994,719 4,087,565 37.15% 62.85%
3 12 22 December 11:06 18,038,646 6,704,480 11,334,166 4,629,686 37.17% 62.83%
3 12 22 December 21:05 19,042,168 7,090,083 11,952,085 4,862,002 37.23% 62.77%
3 13 23 December 17:14 21,016,147 7,826,940 13,189,207 5,362,267 37.24% 62.76%
3 14 24 December 05:00 22,174,054 8,256,754 13,917,300 5,660,546 37.24% 62.76%
3 14 24 December 16:39 23,363,371 8,721,937 14,641,434 5,919,497 37.33% 62.67%
3 15 25 December 01:00 24,214,889 9,060,075 15,154,814 6,094,739 37.42% 62.58%
4 16 26 December 03:23 26,922,579 10,117,610 16,804,969 6,687,359 37.58% 62.42%
4 17 27 December 02:09 29,282,750 11,043,356 18,239,394 7,196,038 37.71% 62.29%
4 17 27 December 14:33 30,544,458 11,539,881 19,004,577 7,464,696 37.78% 62.22%
4 18 28 December 07:20 32,213,273 12,176,226 20,037,047 7,860,821 37.8% 62.2%
4 19 29 December 03:50 34,339,600 13,024,376 21,315,224 8,290,848 37.93% 62.07%
4 19 29 December 14:59 35,477,012 13,472,536 22,004,476 8,531,940 37.98% 62.02%
4 20 30 December 06:15 37,043,935 14,084,580 22,959,355 8,874,775 38.02% 61.98%
5 21 31 December 00:35 38,994,544 14,872,898 24,121,646 9,248,748 38.14% 61.86%
5 22 1 January 05:56 43,163,886 16,427,466 26,736,420 10,308,954 38.06% 61.94%
5 23 2 January 04:17 46,338,938 17,630,623 28,708,315 11,077,692 38.05% 61.95%
5 23 2 January 16:48 48,110,564 18,308,060 29,802,504 11,494,444 38.05% 61.95%
5 24 3 January 10:07 50,543,321 19,217,859 31,325,462 12,107,603 38.02% 61.98%
5 24 3 January 23:17 52,449,073 19,950,061 32,499,012 12,548,951 38.04% 61.96%
5 25 4 January 11:11 54,118,439 20,571,486 33,546,953 12,975,467 38.01% 61.99%
6 26 5 January 07:40 57,047,627 21,659,466 35,388,161 13,728,695 37.97% 62.03%
6 27 6 January 05:41 60,152,505 22,809,254 37,343,251 14,533,997 37.92% 62.08%
6 28 7 January 05:56 63,630,015 24,119,565 39,510,450 15,390,885 37.91% 62.09%
6 29 8 January 13:58 68,225,955 25,871,334 42,354,621 16,483,287 37.92% 62.08%
6 30 9 January 03:57 70,236,722 26,623,403 43,613,319 16,989,916 37.91% 62.09%
7 31 10 January 02:32 73,543,563 27,876,711 45,666,852 17,790,141 37.91% 62.09%
7 32 11 January 01:56 77,550,307 29,443,949 48,106,358 18,662,409 37.97% 62.03%
7 32 11 January 09:20 78,811,267 29,934,381 48,876,886 18,942,505 37.98% 62.02%
7 32 11 January 23:37 81,242,859 30,891,417 50,351,442 19,460,025 38.02% 61.98%
7 34 13 January 08:53 86,870,736 33,071,727 53,799,009 20,727,282 38.07% 61.93%
7 34 13 January 20:58 88,937,541 33,888,991 55,048,550 21,159,559 38.1% 61.9%
7 35 14 January 13:44 91,789,689 35,008,409 56,781,280 21,772,871 38.14% 61.86%
8 36 15 January 01:44 93,799,204 35,799,556 57,999,648 22,200,092 38.17% 61.83%
8 37 16 January 01:52 97,841,030 37,424,421 60,416,609 22,992,188 38.25% 61.75%
8 38 17 January 10:01 103,449,115 39,608,121 63,840,994 24,232,873 38.29% 61.71%
8 38 17 January 15:12 104,375,020 39,976,575 64,398,445 24,421,870 38.3% 61.7%
8 39 18 January 10:59 107,718,500 41,245,760 66,472,740 25,226,980 38.29% 61.71%
8 40 19 January 12:39 112,187,686 42,993,270 69,194,416 26,201,146 38.32% 61.68%
9 41 20 January 03:53 114,531,389 43,897,505 70,633,884 26,736,379 38.33% 61.67%
9 42 21 January 01:22 117,869,568 45,188,097 72,681,471 27,493,374 38.34% 61.66%
9 42 21 January 13:00 120,047,892 46,034,420 74,013,472 27,979,052 38.35% 61.65%

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The renown and sacred metal fragments gathered could be spent on various rewards, such as 6 components of the Warpriest armour, 4 weapon overrides, 3 emotes, 4 titles, and 3 abilities. Higher tier rewards were unlocked as the event progresses, with each tier being unlocked after a certain amount of phases, which last 5 days each. Tier 1 was unlocked automatically, Tier 2 unlocked during phase 3 (or after 10 days), and Tier 3 unlocked during phase 5 (or after 20 days).[1] Aside from a renown cost, each item in the shop required a certain faction token rank to be bought.

To buy all rewards from one faction (except those obtained by random), including abilities, players required 721,000 renown. To buy all rewards from both factions, players required a minimum of 1,164,000 renown.

Players wishing to obtain all rewards from this event considered focusing on the emotes and titles, instead of the abilities and Warpriest armour. The Warpriest armour was made available after the event as drops in the God Wars Dungeon,[2] and the abilities made available as a very rare drop from defeating the General Graador and Kree'arra, God Wars Dungeon bosses for the respective factions.[3]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 6 February 2017 (Update):
    • God tokens from World Event 2 will now count as the appropriate god faction when in the God Wars dungeon.
  • patch 15 June 2015 (Update):
    • Bandos, various goblins and some Armadyl caravans are no longer invisible in the World Event 2 opening cutscene.
  • patch 29 September 2014 (Update):
    • The drop rate of the world event 2 abilities from bosses in the God Wars Dungeon has been doubled, and the ability to gain these abilities whilst in a LootShare group has been added.
  • patch 28 April 2014 (Update):
    • The Bird and the Beast score interface has been removed from several tiles in Draynor.
  • patch 27 January 2014 (Update):
    • The minigame HUD for The Bird and the Beast no longer appears in Draynor.
    • The World Event token boost for increasing the chance of gaining enriched memories from Divination has been removed.
  • hotfix 13 January 2014 (Update):
    • Ensured that the final buff for Armadyl during the Bird and the Beast starts taking effect.
    • Ensured that the Bird and the Beast upgrades remain enabled until the end of the event.
    • Increased the number of metal shards gained during the Bird and the Beast.
  • patch 7 January 2014 (Update):
    • A typo on the golem construction interface for the Bird and the Beast event has been fixed.
    • Players can no longer teleport back to their faction towers and continue to harvest energy in the Bird and the Beast event.
    • Friendly golems in the Bird and the Beast event no longer take damage from AoE attacks.
    • PVP in the Bird and the Beast event has been added to a section of Lumbridge that was previously missing it.
    • The Bandosian chief engineer now answers his questions correctly.
    • Free players can now aid their faction further by divining from energy springs after they've reached level 5 Divination.
    • The examine text for dragon Armadyl/Bandos tokens has been reworded to ensure the text fits into the chat window.
  • patch 17 December 2013 (Update):
    • Sacred metal shards are now dropped via divining, healing convoy members, building and tearing down buildings.
    • The Bird and the Beast reward tiers now unlock earlier - Tier 2 unlocks during phase 3, and Tier 3 unlocks during phase 5.
    • The amount of renown gained by interacting with convoys and killing players via PvP has been increased by 50%.
    • Burying heroic skulls now awards the same amount of renown as experience gained.
    • Player can now bank the war map.
    • Players can now only receive one divine crystal at a time.
    • The Sacrifice ability now works correctly when players have a Magic weapon equipped.
    • Sacrifice now behaves like other damaging abilities with randomisation applied to its damage output.
  • hotfix 17 December 2013 (Update):
    • Prevented players from attacking others in a World Event PvP area when they are unattackable.
    • Corrected the logic behind which microchange to apply during the World Event for risk vs frequency on convoys.
    • Ambushers can now only spawn in World Event PvP areas.
    • Prevented a disconnect issue when attacking certain World Event NPCs.
  • hotfix 11 December 2013 (Update):
    • The bank areas in the world event camps no longer heal players on opposing sides.
    • The Alchemist no longer allows players to gain more energy than was originally intended.
    • Added checks to move caravans to their next waypoint in case they get stuck.
    • Stopped the word "null" from appearing in the chat window when a caravan despawns under certain circumstances.
    • Players can no longer start building at a world event node and teleport away to carry on building at their destination.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While training Divination, players gained a buff to finding enriched memories. A chatbox notification was given, stating, "Armadyl/Bandos rewards your loyalty! You have an increased chance to find super memories for the next three minutes."
  • Players could disable the game messages about travelling convoys by talking to the Doomsayer or via the game settings. Within Interface Settings, players could open the "Warnings settings" menu and disable "World Event Notifications" at the bottom of the list.
  • There were many glitches at the Bandos's Tower, one of the glitch was that a player could get inside a stump just west of the tower, inside a rock, and inside the quartermaster and the recruiter.
  • The areas used of this world event banned Summoning familiars in a similar manner as the Grand Exchange; they could not be summoned inside the area, and if summoned outside, they will be hidden while inside.
  • There was a glitch causing multi-targeting AoE abilities, such as Chain for magic, to damage a friendly NPCs when attacking a caravan. This was fixed on 7 January 2014.
  • There was a glitch where players lose connection when attempting to fight a skirmish if they had no energy remaining. This was fixed.
  • It was previously possible for ambushes to occur almost anywhere in the world, except in the Wilderness, in instances, in cutscenes, while a player was already in combat, or while a player was under half health; though there have been reports of them spawning in cutscenes and combat. In some cases, they could even spawn in areas where the player couldn't fight back, such as Tears of Guthix. This was changed on 23 December 2013.
  • There was a glitch where players can repurpose a site during the 10-minute cooldown of a previous vote. By leaving the voting interface open past the 2 minute countdown, players could vote after the site has already been repurposed. This caused a new vote to take place. However, since the 10-minute cooldown period of the previous vote has not yet expired, only players who still have the voting interface open could vote.
  • There was a bug that prevented players from divining for their faction's caravans on free-to-play worlds if they had level 5 or higher Divination. This was fixed on 7 January 2014.
  • While constructing and repairing a faction building, players equipped with a hand cannon or any kind of chinchompa could use their weapons instead of a hammer. This was likely caused by the inability for these weapons to be sheathed.
  • On 19 January 2014, towards the end of the event, there was a glitch stopping the buildings in the event from working on some worlds, where each site belonged to neither faction.
  • The random event in which caravan guards get dysentery may be a reference to The Oregon Trail, a 1974 educational game which became infamous for members of your pioneering caravan suddenly dying of the infection.
  • There was a glitch where if a player stands on a couple squares alongside the north wall of Aggie's house in Draynor Village, the statistics interface would appear. This was fixed on 28 April 2014.
  • The name "The Bird and the Beast" may be an allusion to the song "the bird and the worm" by "The Used", or reference to Disney's "Beauty and the Beast", or perhaps a mashup of the two.

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References[edit | edit source]

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