Thalassus tooth

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Thalassus tooth detail.png

The Thalassus tooth is pulled out of Thalassus during the Deadliest Catch quest. During the quest, the player visits Linza and asks her to make a giant harpoon. Linza agrees as long as the player is able to bring back one of Thalassus's teeth. After the player and their shipmates set out to sea, Jones, the fisherman who wants to capture Thalassus, is swallowed whole. The player arrives on an island with mermaids and asks them how to get Jones back. After feeding Thalassus poisonous karambwan under the direction of the mermaids, he expels Jones and Jones grabs one of his teeth on the way out.

The player brings the tooth back to Linza. She explains that the tooth is very strong for being so light-weighted, and disappears to experiment with it.

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