Tengu Archipelago

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The Tengu Archipelago is an island chain located in The Shield region. It is named not for the legendary bird-demons but for ten equally legendary local sages known as the Gu.

Player-Owned Port Voyages[edit | edit source]

  • In The Clinging Sands the player sends a ship after learning that the Clinging Sands have arisen once more in the Tengu Archipelago. Drive it off lest the entire island chain be consumed.
  • In Sign It in Blood the player sends a ship to sign a treaty with the leader of the Obsidian pirates of the Tengu Archipelago. It will grant some respite, until they inevitably betray us.
  • In X Marks the Spot the player sends a ship after a dying sailor entrusted one of your cabin boys with what seems to be an old treasure map. Send a ship to the Tengu Archipelago to follow it.
  • In For the Good of All the player sends a ship after they hear a rumour that a rogue seasinger is raising an army of denizens of the deep to conquer the Tengu Archipelago. Show her that this behaviour is wrong.
  • In To the Rescue the player sends a ship to intercede in a fight between sea orphan miners and nomad raiders within the Tengu Archipelago.
  • In Pinching Spice the player sends a ship after learning pirates in the Tengu Archipelago are holding on to a trove of spices taken from a recent conquest. Reclaim it from them, and keep it.
  • In A Voyage of Discovery the player sends a captain to learn how to be a better Leader.