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Try to position enemies so that your follower may train.

There are 3 different types of events that might happen when you're moving forward - friendly events, combat events, and puzzle events. The specific event and difficulty of completing may depend on the difficulty of the route taken, although most events are possible regardless of difficulty.

Once an event occurs, the player and follower are pulled into the event area. The player will start in front of a section of path with blue stones. Right-clicking will display an Escape option, which completely abandons the trek and leaves the player wherever they have reached on the map, often in the middle of Mort Myre Swamp. At the opposite end of the area is the path that allows the player to "Continue-trek", once the event is completed. In combat events on the easy and medium routes, there are paths that evade-event that when used will skip the event and continue trekking, adding no reward and increasing the chance for another event. Some of the monsters must be killed before being able to use Evade-event.

Friendly event[edit | edit source]

A man named Abidor Crank will appear as an event and heal you and the follower, above maximum health if applicable and buff defence. He also turns all rotten food into stews. Getting this event adds nothing to the end reward.

Abidor Crank event

Combat events[edit | edit source]

In combat events a certain number of enemies will attack the player and the escort. For most of the combat events, the monsters give a few seconds before attacking. This is the player's chance to position themselves between the follower and the monsters. Combat events provide the majority of the end reward when completed.

Monster Name Notes
TempTrek Ghasts.png
Ghasts attack with melee and are weak to earth spells. You need druid pouches to fight ghasts, otherwise you can't do anything against them while they just rot your food. All followers also carry druid pouches with them, so pouches are not always needed, but it's still recommended to have some just in case. They are stronger than the regular ghasts you would find outside the minigame, but drop the same items. Only hidden ghasts will attack your follower. The ghasts can be safespotted near the entrance and exit of the event.

A full druid pouch fill reveal hidden ghasts, drawing their attention to you. Pouches can be recharged in the event by using the cast-bloom option of a silver sickle or flail of Ivandis near some rotten logs/branches (this will use some prayer points), picking the items up and placing them in your pouch. If you have no druid pouches, or prayer points left, the only option is to evade the event (if possible) or escape. You may refill your pouches in most events (any with logs/branches); not just the Ghasts event.

  • Easy route: 2 level 28
  • Medium route: 3 level 63
  • Hard route: 4-6 level 91
Giant snails
TempTrek Giantsnail.png
Giant snails attack with ranged and are weak to crush. The ranged attack is accurate and hits hard. Wearing a snelm will greatly reduce the damage taken from them. Use Protect from Range on hard routes when taking multiple attacks. A snail will always attack back when hit, so keep a close eye on what your follower is doing. They do not attack followers that do not attack them first (e.g. Smiddi Ryak). They heal rapidly.

They drop snail shells, redeemable for 600 coins in Dorgesh-Kaan, while Perfect snail shells give 600 coins and 500 Crafting experience. You might want to skip this event while travelling with hard companions at low levels, although it is one of few events where your follower will actually fight and do some damage, and accordingly level up quicker.

  • Easy route: 2 level 84
  • Medium route: 3-4 level 114
  • Hard route: 4-6 level 146
Temple Trekking graveyard.png
A large graveyard with a great number of skeletons of level 18 and 89, with a tomb in the middle. The tomb can be used to unleash 2 blasts of holy power, killing all skeletons close to it. The strategy is to run around the graveyard in order to make all skeletons attack you, lure them towards the tomb, then activate this tomb to unleash the power. All skeletons that are stuck against the fence or inside the Tomb area are instantly killed by the power. Defeat all skeletons to continue your path.

This event only occurs during a Burgh de Rott Ramble, not during Temple Trekking, and only on medium and hard paths.

TempTrek Juvinate.png
Juvinates attack with melee and are weak to fire spells. Any kind of silver weapon (listed above) is necessary to damage juvinates. They have very little life points. When they get low on health, they disappear. They will not attack your follower.

They can be changed into human form by using the special attack of the Rod of Ivandis/Ivandis flail and then using a Guthix balance potion on them, however sometimes they will die instantly. Curing them will give you a variety of items (steel-adamant, medium clue scrolls etc.). This method wastes some inventory space for the potions and items you may get.

  • Easy route: 2 level 28
  • Medium route: 3-4 level 70
  • Hard route: 4-6 level 104
Nail beasts
Temple Trekking nail beasts.png
Nail beasts attack with melee and are weak to water spells. They hit fast and hard, so praying against melee is highly recommended. They have low defence and don't usually threaten your follower, but are lethal if they do. Hitting each nail beast once in a while will be enough to keep their focus away from your follower.

Nail beasts only appear in this minigame and are the only monster to drop Nail beast nails and Talon beast charms. The nails can be used for Herblore to make Sanfew serum, and the charms are used to make Talon beast pouches for summoning, giving currently the highest summoning experience per pouch. It is very beneficial to collect all the charms and not skip this event.

  • Easy route: 2 level 42
  • Medium route: 3-4 level 84
  • Hard route: 4-6 level 98
Temple Trek shades.png
Shades attack with melee and are weak to fire spells. This event only occurs at Mort'ton. They come in large numbers and immediately start attacking you and your follower. They hit very fast and can end your trip quickly if they start piling on your follower. They are often lined up, giving a chance to fight them one-on-one. A salve amulet can be used to increase damage. Letting your follower do as much damage as possible while tanking the attacks of the shades will aid in levelling them up quickly.

A group of shades attacks you at the start of the event while three shades are attempting to break the doors of three NPCs hiding in the buildings. The doors can only last for five hits from the shades, after that the shades go in and kill them. If the NPCs are saved, they give you a blessing.

The blessing can be the same one. It is possible to receive the blessings simply by talking to the NPCs after distracting the shades without killing them. Opening the doors without distracting the shades would only result in them going in and killing the NPCs.

It may be worthwhile to keep the remains the shades drop and burn them on the pyres in Mort'ton to get tomb keys or sell them on the Grand Exchange, especially the Fiyr remains.

As this area is relatively large, keep an eye on your follower lest they die while you save the NPCs.

Swamp creatures
TempTrek SwampCreature.png
The swamp creature attacks with melee and is weak to fire spells. It appears only on a hard route and is a rare event, and only during a Burgh de Rott Ramble (Paterdomus to Burgh de Rott).

The creature consists of five parts, a head and four tentacles. The Tentacles can hit anywhere on the boat, but usually do not attack your follower, and get weaker every time you kill one of them, with a visible message. Poisoning one part poisons all parts, so bringing weapon poison or Cinderbane gloves may be useful. Protect from melee is recommended for this event.

If the head is near death and a tentacle is still alive, it returns to full health. For this reason, it is necessary to kill all tentacles before attacking the head. The head can hit very hard and quickly if provoked, but is non-aggressive. The head can be safe-spotted from the opposite side of the boat from it.

Any ranged ammunition used during this event is lost and cannot be retrieved in any way.

  • 4x Tentacle: level 97
  • Head: level 100
Swamp snakes
TempTrek Swampsnake.png
Swamp snakes attack with melee and magic and are weak to arrows. They can hit frequently into the 300s, attacking quickly and often in packs. Death could come quickly without Protect from Magic or Melee up. The snakes are extremely large in terms of game dimensions, so they may sometimes get stuck easily behind obstacles. They can also easily stack on the same tiles that one swamp snake is already on.

When starting a snake event, get between the follower and the snakes the quickest way possible and let them come to you. Any snake that gets to your follower should be killed first. This is one of the hardest events in the minigame to come across, so carefully try to divert all the snakes' attention to you. Watch out for alive snakes hiding under the snake corpses.

Once killed, they leave behind a corpse; skinning these provides 2-5 snake hides. These can be used to craft snakeskin armour.

  • Easy route: 2 level 42
  • Medium route: 3-4 level 84
  • Hard route: 4-6 level 98
TempTrek Vyrewatch.png
Vyrewatch attack with melee and are weak to fire spells. They appear only after Legacy of Seergaze, and can be killed only with a Ivandis flail or any of the blisterwood weapons. It may be worth it to avoid this event if you don't have blisterwood weapons as the flail is quite weak. Vyrewatch will not attack your follower. They drop a Vyre corpse which can be cremated at the columbarium. Every 50 corpses burned will improve your Ivandis and blisterwood weapons.

It's possible to use the Ivandis flail's special attack after a Vyrewatch reaches half health to freeze it for a period of time. Using a dose of Guthix balance potion on a frozen Vyrewatch will deal minor damage. This is not recommended as it is generally a better idea to just kill them normally.

Because the Ivandis flail is considered a halberd and the Vyrewatch are melee monsters, the follower can be used to safespot the Vyrewatch effectively if they are not all attacking at once. This tactic can also be used if ranging or maging them with blisterwood equipment.

  • Easy route: 2 level 70
  • Medium route: 3-4 level 91
  • Hard route: 4-6 level 97

Puzzle events[edit | edit source]

Puzzle events will require you overcome an obstacle before continuing the trek. Normally, there are no monsters to fight in these events. If there are, they are just required to be beaten to complete the puzzle. The monsters are not hard to kill as their level is always the same no matter the difficulty of the path selected. After attaining a certain level, your follower might assist you in these events by starting a fire or cutting logs for you.

Puzzle Name What to do
TempTrek Bog.png
Take a branch from a nearby spiny bush. Use these sticks to feel firmness of the bog. Continue over the marsh walking on firm ground. If you walk on soft ground you will "eventually climb out". Take more than one stick because they get stuck in the bog at times. The bog event is often confused with the river (see below).

It is possible to play through this event a bit quicker: After using the branch on a bog spot, using the branch on the next bog spot as soon as the message appears in the chat box telling you that the spot is soft or firm. You do not have to wait for the first animation to end before starting the next probe. It is recommended to avoid this event if possible, due to its slow, trial-and-error nature.

TempTrek Bridge.png
In the bridge event, you must repair a bridge before you can cross the river. There are two variants of this event: one has Undead Lumberjacks that rise up out of the river and attack while the other one has no enemies. Each variant appears equally often, with around 61/2,850 chance on hard paths.[1]

To repair the bridge, you need logs or planks. Chop down the trees to get logs or kill the Lumberjacks to get planks. Click on the gap in the bridge with the required items to repair one section of the bridge. This needs to be done three times. In the variant with the Undead Lumberjacks you can use logs, planks, or both to repair the bridge.

The Undead Lumberjacks occasionally drop lumberjack clothing pieces. Up to three lumberjacks can spawn and they all have a 1/10 chance to drop a piece, but you can only receive one piece per event.[1]

TempTrek Campsite.png
3 to 5 starving adventurers (Marv, Hank, Wilf, Sarah and/or Rachel) will be seated around a dead campfire. To continue, they must be fed a piece of food (even low level food works), otherwise they turn into ghasts, which are weak to earth spells and must be killed to continue. Most foods work, but in the event there are an equal number of level 14 snails, weak to fire spells, and 8 swamp trees which will provide everything needed to cook and feed them. Priority for feeding the campers is: ghastly!, very sick, sick.

When rewards are calculated, this event counts as a combat event. Having stackable food such as Purple sweets, Biscuits,Magnetic minnow's, or other food that can be multiplied like pineapples, cheese wheels, or a basket/sack filled with food makes the campsite event considerably easier. If you do bring your own food you have to have a druid pouch to protect it from ghasts. Interestingly enough, if you manage to provide one of the campers with food just as they are about to become a ghast, they heal anyway.

This event can be annoying if a camper turns into a ghast, and you are not currently equipped for killing a ghast. If this is the case, you must get your follower to make the ghast solid with their druid pouch, thus putting them in potential danger, or abandon the trek/ramble completely, as there is no path to evade this event. You can escape by right clicking the area you came in from and click the "escape" option but it will put you randomly in the middle of Morytania. If you go back to where you started, you can continue where you left off.

Water-power tt.png
The strange reeds around the Nature Grotto are on fire. Help out the Nature Spirit by taking in the power of pure water and dousing the flames. You can either click through a dialogue with the Nature Spirit to receive the power of water or simply right-click him for it. It is possible to play through this event quickly by rapidly clicking each set of burning reeds without waiting for the water-throw animation to play out. Doing this repeatedly can easily cause several fires to go out in the time that the animation for one takes. It is still a requirement, however, that all the fires be put out - you cannot "get ahead" of the fires to prevent them from spreading. You'll have enough time to extinguish all the fires without getting a second water-power from the nature spirit.
TempTrek River.png
If you find a river with swamp trees in the water, trim the swamp tree along the south-east bank of the river to collect three short vines. Select the option to tie the short vines together to make a long vine. Use the long vine on the branch of the swamp tree near the middle of the river to attach the long vine to the swamp tree's branch and swing across the river.

Follower's predictions[edit | edit source]

If you don't want to do any of the paths predicted, log to lobby, re-login to the same world, continue your trek, and you will get three new options to choose from.

If follower advice has been disabled ("don't ask again") simply talk to Hiylik about reenabling it.

Event Easy Path Medium Path Hard Path
Unknown/Inexperienced "This looks to be the easiest route. Are we going this way. then?" "Should be fairly challenging for us. Is this the way you want to go?" "This will probably be the hardest way forward. Are you sure?"
Ghasts (combat) "Oh no! I can see a fair few ghasts this way. We should be careful." "Watch out. There are spectral beings floating around that way." "Ghasts! We'll need to have our wits about us to get past these."
Giant snails (combat) "What's this? There's a group of snails ahead!" "I can't see properly, but there are some slimy trails on the floor." "Did someone order the snail?"
Juvinates or Vyrewatch (combat) Either:
  • "I can see some sort of vampyric creatures down there. They won't give in without a fight."
  • "So Close! I can see the Morytania gates, but there are enemies blocking the way!" (Temple Trekking only)
  • "The curse of Morytania is strong that way. There are vampyric creatures lurking ahead."
  • "Well that's the exit of the swamp, but it's not without danger. There are creatures ahead!" (Temple Trekking only)
  • "Careful! I can see vampyric creatures skulking around up ahead."
  • "It's the gates out of Mort Myre, but getting out alive will be a challenge." (Temple Trekking only)
Nail beasts (combat) "I can see strange dark shapes slinking around in the myre ahead. Tread carefully if we go that way." "Be careful if we go this way. I can see some things sneaking around." "Nail beasts! You don't see them much these days. We'll be in for a big fight if we choose to go this way!"
Shades (combat) "That's the town of Mort'ton up ahead and it looks like it's in trouble. We should be ready to fight if we head that way." "I can see Mort'ton, and the villagers look to be in trouble!" "Mort'ton is under attack and it doesn't look good! It'll be a tough fight this way into the town."
Swamp creature (combat) None None "There's a swamp boat this way that I'm sure will speed up our journey."
Swamp snakes (combat) "There is something moving around ahead and I fear I heard the hiss of a snake..." "Tread carefully this way. I'm pretty sure a snake slithered across the Myre in the distance." "There are some massive snakes moving around ahead; should be an interesting fight."
Bog (puzzle) Wow, there's a nasty-looking bog that way. Careful; the mud can be treacherous! "There doesn't seem to be much moving this way, except perhaps the floor!" "Nasty! Do you smell that? There's definitely a bog this way. Even though I can't see it, I can smell it!"
Bridge (puzzle) "Do you see that? There seems to be some sort of broken bridge ahead." "You'll need to be handy with repairs to head this way, if we are to cross the river." "There's a nice-looking bridge this way... Well, it would be nice if we could cross it!"
Campsite (puzzle) "What in the name of Guthix is this? I can see injured people ahead in the way!" "It's difficult to see, but I think there are people ahead. It doesn't look good." "It looks like some wandering adventurers have had a bad run in with ghasts up ahead. They might need our help."
Grotto (puzzle) "It looks like that nature spirit's grotto is surrounded by ghasts ahead!" "The nature spirit's grotto is this way, and it looks like he's under attack!" "Looks like we've got a fight on our hands if we head this way. I can see Filliman ahead and he's in trouble!"
River (puzzle) "Do you see that river down ahead this way? It looks like we'll have to get over it if we go that way." "It looks safe ahead, but there is a bit of water we'll have to traverse if we want to go this way." "There's a river this way and I can't see a clear way across it, I'm afraid."
Abidor Crank (friendly) "There seems to be a strange man up ahead." "There's something moving up ahead, but I can't make it out properly." "Hmm, it looks to be empty. No, wait... There is a man walking around up ahead."
Skeleton Graveyard (combat) None "I can just about make out a graveyard down there. It looks like it could be an ambush." "Careful this way, too; it's a strange graveyard. I've heard the dead still stir in the area."

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 21 October 2019 (Update):
    • Cheesecake now works as a food for the "Feed the adventurers" temple trek event.

References[edit | edit source]

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