Temple Knight quest series

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The Temple Knight series is a series of quests involving the Temple Knights.

This series consists of the Recruitment Drive, Wanted!, Slug Menace, Salt in the Wound, Quiet Before the Swarm, A Void Dance, The Void Stares Back, Devious Minds, While Guthix Sleeps, Ritual of the Mahjarrat, and The Death of Chivalry quests.

Recruitment Drive[edit | edit source]

During Recruitment Drive, the player is asked to become a member of the Temple Knights, a lesser known organisation with more authority and power. By passing a series of tests, the player is allowed to join this organisation.

Wanted![edit | edit source]

During Wanted!, the player finds out that their membership of the Temple Knights is not legitimate. Sir Tiffy Cashien tells the player that they should either become a full member of the White Knights first (which would take years), or solve a crisis. The player chooses the second option. The Temple Knights have already created a crisis: they have let the extremely powerful mage Solus Dellagar escape, and the player must now find him, dead or alive. After travelling through numerous places chasing him, including the Black Knights' base in Taverley Dungeon, the player finally catches and kills Dellagar in the Rune Essence mine. The player is then granted full membership into the Temple Knights, through induction into the White Knights.

The Slug Menace[edit | edit source]

During The Slug Menace, the player is sent to Witchaven to find out more about the sea slugs. They also unwittingly release the monstrosity Mother Mallum. After the player escapes from her at the last second before she tries possessing the player's mind, Sir Tiffy Cashien grants the player the rank of Proselyte Temple Knight, in order to gain access to special Temple Knight resources that will be needed in the future encounters with the sea slugs.

Salt in the Wound[edit | edit source]

During Salt in the Wound, the player is sent to defeat Mother Mallum, the queen of the sea slugs.

Quiet Before the Swarm[edit | edit source]

During Quiet Before the Swarm, the player is sent to the Void Knights' Outpost reserve to find out more about the possibility of a pest escape. The player finds out about that a pest did indeed escape and has to find out who did it and where is the pest. After finding out who the culprit was the player must lead the void knights to Port Sarim to start searching. But all goes wrong when a pest attack happens on the ship. Korasi, however was the sole survivor of the attack.

A Void Dance[edit | edit source]

During A Void Dance, the player, Korasi, and Jessika are sent to find the pest, and discover that the Black Knights have captured it and are attempting to use the goo it uses as a foodsource to drain the energy of the citizens of Falador.

The Void Stares Back[edit | edit source]

During The Void Stares Back, the player brings down the Pest Queen.

Devious Minds[edit | edit source]

During Devious Minds, the player assists a monk.

While Guthix Sleeps[edit | edit source]

During While Guthix Sleeps, the player attempts to stop the Mahjarrat Lucien from reaching the Stone of Jas.

Ritual of the Mahjarrat[edit | edit source]

During Ritual of the Mahjarrat, the player attempts to thwart the plans of Lucien, during the 18th Ritual of Rejuvenation.

The Death of Chivalry (replaced Black Knights' Fortress)[edit | edit source]

The following takes place during The Death of Chivalry.

Saradomin himself asks the player to infiltrate the Black Knights' Fortress along with Sir Owen in order to find a secret weapon that the Kinshra are planning to use against the White Knights of Falador.