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This official news post is copied verbatim from the RuneScape website. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
It was added on (missing date).
Template documentation
This documentation is transcluded from Template:Update/doc. [edit] [purge]
Template:Update invokes function update in Module:Update using Lua.

This template displays a notification stating the update page is copyrighted by Jagex.


This template can be used by entering the following onto a relevant update article.



This required parameter accepts the date. It should not be linked and can be in any format accepted by #time.


This required parameter accepts the category of the update. This is generally at the top of the update article on the RuneScape website.


This optional parameter accepts the title of the original news post. This should be used if the news post's title does not match the update page title - this can happen if the original title contains characters that cannot be used in wiki article titles, such as |. If title is provided, it will be used as the basis for generating the link to the original news post. It will also be passed through to {{DISPLAYTITLE}} in order to override the wiki article's displayed title. It should be supplied with magic words/templates being used to escape characters, such as {{!}} for | and {{sp}} for leading/trailing spaces (which otherwise get trimmed).


The template will attempt to automatically generate the link to the news post (using title if supplied). This optional parameter can be used to override the generated link in cases where the template cannot automatically generate it, though title should cover most cases.


This optional parameter accepts the name of the author posting the patch notes. Include 'mod' prefix.


This optional parameter accepts the revision date. Jagex occasionally adds additional system updates and hot fixes to patch notes that have already been published. The date should not be linked and can be in any format accepted by #time.


An optional table of contents can be added by using the toc parameter with any content.

Accepted category values

The word 'update/updates' is ignored.

  • Behind the Scenes: bts, behind the scenes
  • Community: comm, community
  • Competitions: competitions
  • Developer Blogs: dev, blog, devblog, dev blog
  • Events: event, events
  • Feedback/Your Feedback: fb, feedback, yourfeedback, your feedback
  • Future Updates: future
  • Game Updates: game
  • Mobile: mobile
  • Shop: shop
  • Solomon's Store: ss, sgs, solomon, solomon's store
  • Squeal of Fortune: sof, squeal
  • Support: support
  • Technical: tech, technical
  • Treasure Hunter: th, treasure, treasure hunter
  • Website: site, ws, website