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This is the stock for 23 July 2019. (wrong?)
Valid for July 23 2019 23:59 UTC

Uncharted island map (Deep Sea Fishing).pngUncharted island map800,0001Allows travel to an uncharted island with the chance of 3-6 special resources at the cost of no supplies
In addition, players may also rarely receive a red uncharted island map.
Broken fishing rod.pngBroken fishing rod50,00015-10% bonus catch rate for 3-30 minutes.
Gift for the Reaper.pngGift for the Reaper1,250,000120 Reaper points
Crystal triskelion.pngCrystal triskelion2,000,0001Deposited in a cliff face south of Rellekka to obtain a clue scroll (elite) and variety of other rewards
Template documentation
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Template:Travelling Merchant invokes Module:Rotations/Merchant using Lua.

The Travelling Merchant's Shop stock. This has no parameters.

For a list of future (or past) items in a tabular format, see Template:Travelling Merchant future.