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This is a list of frequently asked questions for Template:Store locations list.
If something seems to be missing, feel free to ask on the talk page. For usage information, see documentation.

This page exists to answer questions you may have about the automatic stores list. If your question is not here, you may ask it at Template talk:Store locations list.

How do I add a store to this list?[edit source]

Stores are added to the list automatically once they are recognised. The information is cached, so you will need to hard refresh to confirm you are seeing the latest version of the page.

Stores are recognised by the list template if they use {{StoreLine}} with the Name parameter set to the parameter passed to the list.

For example, if we had:

{{Store locations list|Rune platebody}}

It would find any page that has

{{StoreLine|Name=Rune platebody}}

How do I remove a store from this list?[edit source]

Stores can be removed from the list by adding |nosmw=y to the StoreLine for the item on the store's page.

For example, to exclude Freebie mage weapons shop from Fire rune#Store locations, edit Freebie mage weapons shop and add |nosmw=y to the StoreLine for fire runes (you probably want to add it to all the items).

Why doesn't this store show up?[edit source]

There are 3 reasons a store may not show up on the list:

  1. There was an error in the code preventing the item from being recognised
  2. Too many stores sell the item
  3. The store is intentionally prevented from being added to this list (see above section)

What error confused the template?[edit source]

For a store to be recognised as selling the item, the Name parameter will need to match the item's article name exactly. This includes casing; any letter after the first letter is case sensitive.

Why are there too many stores?[edit source]

Because a lot of stores sell this item! The default limit of {{Store locations list}} is 50. The limit can be changed with the limit parameter. Be careful, as the template will run into performance errors if it queries too many pages.

This problem isn't one that is actual happening; however, this limit does exist on the template. Note that using multiple invocations of this template will meet the same limits; 4 sets of 25 queries is at least as heavy performance wise as 1 call of 100.

How do I change incorrect information?[edit source]

To change incorrect information, you will need to go to the article of the store that is incorrect. Members status can be changed in {{Infobox Shop}}. Stock, price, and currency can be changed in the relevant {{StoreLine}} template. If a store is displayed as selling an item it doesn't, remove the relevant {{StoreLine}} template entirely.

After editing, the information on the item's page may still be cached (as mentioned above), so don't be worried if a change does not appear right away.

Why is a shop listed twice or samples are not shown?[edit source]

A number of shops offer sample items at no cost. Currently the {{Store locations list}} will only add multiple lines for a given shop when it has a small quantity of an item for free and a larger quantity at a set price. But this also requires the {{StoreLine}} with a cost of 0 to come before the {{StoreLine}} with a set cost on the shop's page. If the set cost line comes first, the free item line will be ignored and the lines should be swapped around.

Why are stores with no stock shown?[edit source]

Speciality stores do not always stock an item by default, but this should still be displayed on the store's article. 0 stock locations may be helpful for finding a place to sell an item, even though they no longer pay more than the general store. There is also, as of yet, no strong argument against listing empty stocks. If demand is high enough, 0 stock locations can likely be removed.