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Template documentation
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Template:Skill clickpic invokes function main in Module:Skill clickpic using Lua.
See also: {{Skill XP}}

The Skill clickpic template displays a clickable skill icon picture that links to the skill page. This can be also be used in other templates that display skill icons.


{{Skill clickpic|<skill>|<number>}}

The second parameter is optional.

The following equivalent templates can be used: {{sc}}, {{scm}}, {{schsp}}, {{Skillclickpic}}, {{Skill clickpic mmg}}.


Using the following code: {{sc|Magic}} produces the following result: Magic

At the same time: {{sc|Magic|50}} produces the following result: 50 Magic

Non-skill clickpics

This template can produce a number of clickpics which are not skill icons.

Name Image
(Default) / Stats Skills
Overall Skills
Quest / Quests Quests
Combat Combat
Melee Melee
All / Hybrid Armour/Hybrid_armour
Activity / Activities Tasks
Task / Tasks Tasks
Music Music
RuneScore RuneScore