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Cape perks[edit source]

If players own a max cape and/or the Anachronia cape stand, the following capes have the best passive perks for this activity:

Skillcape Combat styles Perk category Perk
Defence cape (t).png Defence cape All Lifesaving ability The cape's perk provides the effects of a sign of life once an hour.
Ranged cape (t).png Ranged cape Ranged only Damage enhancement Increases the special effect chance of ranged ammunition by 20%.
Strength cape (t).png Strength cape Melee only Damage enhancement Causes Dismember's damage over time to last an extra 3.6 seconds
(displayed as 2 seconds on the tooltip).
Constitution cape (t).png Constitution cape All Health regeneration Doubles base life point regeneration to 0.2% every 6 seconds, and allows regeneration during combat (stacks with Fortitude.)

Archaeology relics[edit source]

Requires Archaeology Archaeology 97. The set below provides 500 more life points, increased damage based on missing life points and increased adrenaline gain.

Requires Archaeology Archaeology 120 and Mysterious City mystery. The set below provides damage reduction, increased damage based on missing hp, and increased adrenaline gain.

Requires Archaeology Archaeology 98. The set below provides more adrenaline, prevents adrenaline drain between phases, and provides permanent LOTD (eliminates ring switching).