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Template documentation
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This template creates a table of the path achievements in the achievement path of which the name is input as a parameter. The notes and other content are not held in this template.

Instead, this template automatically finds the relevant articles and lists them. The "notes" column comes from the article of each specific path achievement, wrapped in the template {{Achievement notes}}.


Parameter Usage Notes Required
Bossing Name of the path Yes
sequence number sequence number=clans Addition to the parameter name of the sequence number parameter of {{Infobox path achievement}} for subcategories which have achievements that feature in more than 1 subcategory. Can be hidden by entering the value hide for the parameter. No
offset offset=500 The offset in the result table, since DPL has a hard limit of only showing 500 results. No
notes notes=yes Shows notes (if made available with {{Achievement notes}}) No
requirements requirements=yes Shows requirements; are hidden by default; they are also shown if 'type=difficulty on subcategory' and difficulty is defined No
hide membership column hide membership column=yes Hides the membership column; this column is shown by default. No
hideextendeddescription hideextendeddescription=yes Hides the extended description column; this column is shown by default if the type is path. No


In the below example the template will show the path achievements of the Bossing path with the following code:

{{Path achievements table|Bossing|sequence number=bossing|hideextendeddescription=yes}}

Which results in:

There are 42 objectives for this path (showing 42).