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Template documentation
This documentation is transcluded from Template:MultiID/doc. [edit] [purge]
Template:MultiID invokes function main in Module:MultiID using Lua.

MultiID allows wikitext-based templates to allow comma-separated ID parameters to be set correctly in SMW.

In general this template should only be used within other templates.



The first parameter is the name of the property to set (e.g. Item ID, NPC ID, etc).


The second parameter is the ID or list of IDs to set as the values of the property, or no to supress both adding an id and the category (for entities that have been removed from the game).

The IDs provided can be a single number, or a group of numbers separated by commas, or just 'no'. (More strictly, it is separated by the \s*,\s* regular expression, and should thus match the regular expression ^\s*\d+(\s*,\s*\d+)*\s*).


By default, MultiID will set the property named parameter 1, and the property named 'all parameter 1', e.g. it will set Property:Item ID and Property:All Item ID. Setting noall=y will suppressed setting the 'all' property.


By default, 'no' is an accepted value to the ID. Setting the ID as 'no' will not add any properties nor add any categories. Setting nono=y will prevent this behaviour, and 'no' will be treated as an invalid ID which will add the category.


By default, if there is no ID provided, or the ID provided is invalid, Category:Needs ID is added. Specifying the cat parameter will add the specified category instead (do not link it or use the namespace). Set to cat=n to suppress adding a category.