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Template documentation
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Usage guidelines

Before considering adding information please ensure that the following few things are true

  1. You decided whether or not to include each drop before knowing what the drop is. If you get a very good drop and then decide you should add this to the drop logs, you are making the logs useless as they will become biased towards rare items
  2. You are adding information to the right log; separate logs should be created for F2P and P2P worlds, each separate level of the same monster, as well as when wearing drop enhancing items.
  3. If you are using loot share, everyone else involved in the kill must add what they got
  4. You understand the rest of this page


Log tables should be in the following format (where ADI1 is Always Dropped Item 1, and ADIN is the number of ADI1 dropped at once)

{{Log Table
|Total Kills
|Item 1|Total number of Item 1 dropped
|Item 2|Total number of Item 2 dropped

Things to note

  • The first 10 inputs will be assumed to be always dropped items, when there are less than 10 always dropped items, just leave the boxes empty.
  • There may be up to 45 items listed (not including the always dropped items).
  • If coins are a drop, they must be listed as the first one.
  • If a monster drops two (or any other number) of an item in one go, simply add two (or the relevant number) to the total number of that Item dropped.
  • If you are adding a previously unregistered drop, call the item by the name of the page for the item (i.e. Bronze square shield should go down as Bronze sq shield).
  • Non-tradeable items should be included in the table, though they won't be taken into account for average drop value.

Example input

{{Log Table
|Steel bar|25
|Clue scroll|1