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Template documentation
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This template is used to display the wisps that an item can be harvested from and the xp for that action.


{{Databox wisp harvest
|name = optional; use if the item's name is different from the pagename
|level = 
|wisp = 
|xp = 
|enriched = optional; setting this to "no" shows N/A


{{Databox wisp harvest
|name = Vibrant energy
|level = 60
|wisp = [[Vibrant wisp]]
|xp = 7


Vibrant energy.png: RS3 Inventory image of Vibrant energyVibrant energy
Divination level Divination 60
Wisp Vibrant wisp
Standard XP Divination 7 XP
Enriched XP Divination 14 XP
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