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Template documentation
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{{Infobox Tree
|name         = The name of the tree.
|image        = An image of the tree.
|release      = Release date of the tree.
|update       = Update of the tree.
|cutlvl       = Woodcutting level required to cut logs from the tree.
|cutexp       = Woodcutting experience gained from cutting a log.
|growlvl      = Farming level required to grow the tree. If it cannot be farmed put "no".
|growexp      = Farming experience given when the tree has finished growing.
|logs         = The type of logs received from cutting the tree.
|logsgemw     = Name of the logs in the GEMW. Delete parameter if it's the same as the logs parameter, enter "no" if not tradeable.
|members      = If the tree is members only.
|examine      = What the tree says when you examine it.


{{Infobox Tree
|name = Oak tree
|image = Oak tree.png
|cutlvl = 15
|cutexp = 37.5
|growlvl = 15
|growexp = 467.5
|logs = Oak logs
|members = No
|examine = A beautiful old oak.