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Template documentation
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{{Infobox Skill
|release = Date of release of the skill
|update = Name of the update that the skill was released with, without the Update: prefix
|members = If the skill is members-only or not


The Minimum level for Hiscores, Players with 99 and Players with 200M exp fields are automatically updated from Template:Hiscores lowest rank, Template:99s and Template:200mxp respectively. The inputs for each of these templates (including the date of last update (as of ...)) and the infobox title is taken from the pagename.


{{Infobox Skill
|image = {{skill clickpic|Dungeoneering}}
|update = Dungeoneering Skill!
|release = [[12 April]] [[2010]]
|members = No


{{Infobox Skill
|image = {{Skill clickpic|Construction}}
|release = [[May 31]] [[2006]]
|members = Yes