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Template documentation
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Template:Infobox npc multi invokes function main in Module:Infobox npc multi using Lua.

This template provides a wrapper for Switch infoboxes that contain only the NPC infobox. The strong point of this template is that it allows parameters that apply to multiple versions to only be written once.

The parameters that apply to every version box are the same as those on the basic NPC infobox; however, for every parameter there are an additional 20 named paramname#. The unnumbered parameters are the defaults, and will only be used for a version of the corresponding numbered param is not defined. For example, there is name, name1, name2, all the way to name20.

Parameters are only looked for up to the highest "version" defined. The "version" parameters only come as numbered parameters and they are used to define the text in the switch infobox buttons.

Parameters can be referenced and reused by using a dollar sign ($) followed by the index. For example: |image4=$1 will use whatever image is being used for image1. Chatheads can be added outside of the infobox by using |chathead#=.


Markup Result
{{Infobox npc multi
|name = Elune
|image = [[File:Eluned.png|150px]]
|release = [[7 February]] [[2005]]
|update = Roving Elves
|removal = [[7 January]] [[2019]]
|removalupdate = Mining and Smithing Rework
|members = Yes
|members2 = Only on Wednesdays
|f2pvisible = (optional) Is the NPC members only but visible in F2P? Use "Yes" if so, omit field if not.
|quest = [[Roving Elves]], [[Mourning's Ends Part I]]
|location = [[Isafdar]], [[Prifddinas]]
|shop = No
|features1 = Recharges crystal teleport seeds
|features2 = Is being used as a test case
|examine=Wow - the prettiest elf I have ever seen.