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Template documentation
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This template is used to display the level requirements and experience gained for smithing with bars and select ores.


{{Databox Smithing
|level =    <!-- The level required to Smith/Smelt bars/ore -->
|object =   <!-- What objects can the bars/ores be produced with/on -->
|smithing = <!-- Smithing XP awarded per bar; na returns {{na}} -->
|aug1 =     <!-- optional; setting this to "no" returns {{na}} -->
|smelting = <!-- Smithing XP awarded per ore; na returns {{na}} -->
|aug2 =     <!-- optional; setting this to "no" returns {{na}} -->


{{Databox Smithing
|level = 
|object = 
|smithing = 
|smelting = 


{{Databox Smithing
|level = 89
|object = [[Furnace]]
|smithing = na
|aug1 = no
|smelting = 150


Corrupted ore.png: RS3 Inventory image of Corrupted oreCorrupted ore
Smithing level Smithing 89
Used with Furnace
Experience (per bar)
Smithing N/A
Equipment N/A
Experience (per ore)
Smelting 150 XP
Equipment 11.7 XP
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