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Template documentation
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{{Infobox Set
|name       = The set's real name, not a short form.
|AKA        = What the set is commonly called by others.
|image      = Images of the items in the set.
|release    = Release date of the set.
|update     = Update of the set.
|members    = If the set is members, Yes or No.
|quest      = If the set pieces are quest items, Yes or No.
|tradeable  = If the set is tradeable, Yes or No.
|equipable  = If the set is equipable, Yes or No.
|stackable  = If the set is stackable, Yes or No.
|store      = The prices the general/speciality store sells the set for when its stock is full.
|currency   = If the currency used is other than coins, state the currency.
|seller     = Store/NPC having a stock of the set.
|exchange   = The set's price at the Grand Exchange.

Removed field(s)

  • tradable - has been replaced the the in-game spelling tradeable - all occurences of tradable should be replaced by tradeable.



The name of the set exactly as it appears in game (identical case, spaces, typo, etc). If the pagename matches exactly, this field may be omitted.


Also known as: other name(s) commonly used by players to refer to the set. If omitted, the field will be hidden.


Images of the items in the set, with the "Image:" tag. Preferentially in PNG format (or GIF format if the image is animated).


  • [[File:Example.png]]


Whether the set is accessible only to members (e.g. displayed as "Members objects" in free-to-play worlds).

The possible values for this field are:

  • Yes
  • No


See Quest items. Also applicable for miniquests.

The possible values for this field are:

  • Yes - [[Quest name]]
  • No


Whether the set is tradeable between players, or in the Grand Exchange. For example, Barrows gloves are bought from a "shop" (Culinaromancer's Chest), but these gloves cannot be sold to other players as the Barrows gloves are not tradeable.

If cases when the set is only tradeable in certain situations, further details may be added to the values above, using the " - " as a separator. For example, the Barrows equipment can only be traded when it is completely degraded or fully repaired.


  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes - only when uncharged


Whether the set is equipable. For instance, a Rune sword may be wielded (Yes), while a tinderbox may not be equipped (No).

The possible values for this field are:

  • Yes
  • No


Price at which the set is sold by a shop (or a NPC) which has an "Infinite stock" of the set. Some shops, like the Culinaromancer's Chest, do not have an infinite stock. Thus, the price entered should be the price when the "Main Stock" (NOT Player Stock) has full stock. If the item cannot be bought from an NPC, set this field to "No".

The coins obtained when the item is sold at the store should NOT be entered. Values larger than 999 coins should have commas as per the Style guide, and the RuneScape currency ("coins", "gp", etc.) need not be added to the field, as it is added automatically.


  • 15,000
  • 18
  • No


If the store uses a currency other than coins, this field should be added specifying the currency used to purchase the item. If possible, a link should be added to the currency article.



The store (or a NPC) where the set is sold. Only the name need to be entered, as the link to the article will be added automatically.


  • Daga's Scimitar Smithy
  • Culinaromancer's Chest


Average price of the item in the Grand Exchange. This is the default Grand Exchange price, i.e. the average price set by the game when selling or buying the item.

If the item has a Grand Exchange Market Watch page, set this field to "gemw" (or {{GEPrice|Item name}}) to automatically add the Grand Exchange price. If the item is not tradeable, this field will be hidden (not shown), and the field may be removed or left blank.


  • 12,000 - used for first 'exchange=' entry and/or if no GEMW page is available. Values larger than 999 coins should have commas as per the Style guide.
  • gemw - adds the "update" link for updating the Exchange price. Do not use "gemw" if the article pagename is different from the "GEPrice" item name.
  • {{GEPrice|Item name}} - no "update" link provided; used only if "GEMW" item name is different from article pagename.


{{Infobox Set
|image      = [[File:Statius's full helm.png]][[File:Statius's platebody.png]][[File:Statius's platelegs.png]][[File:Statius's warhammer.png]]
|members    = Yes
|quest      = No
|tradeable  = Yes
|equipable  = Yes
|destroy    = Drop
|store      = No
|exchange   = {{formatnum:{{#expr:({{GEP|Statius's full helm}} + {{GEP|Statius's platebody}} + {{GEP|Statius's platelegs}} + {{GEP|Statius's warhammer}})}}}}