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Template documentation
This documentation is transcluded from Template:Infobox Seed/doc. [edit] [purge]
Template:Infobox Seed invokes function main in Module:Infobox Seed using Lua.


{{Infobox Seed
|name         = The item's in-game name, not a short form
|level        = Level required to grow
|patch        = Patch for growing this seed
|time         = Time taken to finish growing (in minutes)
|plant        = Experience for planting seed
|seedsper     = Number of seeds required per patch
|check        = Experience for checking
|harvest      = Experience for harvesting each result
|payment      = Payment to farmer, if there is no payment then enter the value 'no' (without the apostrophes)
|seed         = The seed form
|seedling     = The seedling form
|sappling     = The sappling form
|grown        = The grown form
|crop         = Item(s) produced from harvesting
|cropexchange = Set to gemw to show GE price of crop
|chanceToSave = Equation for the approximate % chance to not a consume a harvest life.
|output       = Base amount (no boosts such as compost) of crop yielded
|root         = Item(s) produced from digging up tree
|rootexchange = Set to gemw to show GE price of root