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Template documentation
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{{Infobox Quest
|name = <!-- Always include the name due to usage in DPL queries -->
|image = <!-- An image that captures the quest well -->
|aka = <!-- What the quest is commonly called by others. -->
|release = <!-- The date the quest was released -->
|update = <!-- The update that the quest was released with, not including the Update: prefix. -->
|removal = <!-- The removal date of the quest. If not applicable, remove field. -->
|removalupdate = <!-- The removal update, without the Update: prefix. If not applicable, remove field. -->
|members = <!-- Whether the quest is only available to members -->
|voice = <!-- Whether the quest is voice-acted -->
|series = <!-- The quest series that the quest is in. If the quest is not in a series, put "None". -->
|number = <!-- Quest number by release date; see List of quest release dates -->
|age = <!-- Age in which the quest occurs; can be either "5", "6", or "ambigious" -->