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Template documentation
This documentation is transcluded from Template:Infobox Quest/doc. [edit] [history] [purge]
Template:Infobox Quest invokes function main in Module:Infobox Quest using Lua.

Quick copy-paste

{{Infobox Quest
|name = 
|image = 
|aka = 
|release = 
|update = 
|removal = 
|removalupdate = 
|members = 
|voice =
|main_series = 
|series_nth = 
|area =
|age = 
|timeline = 
|combat =
|create_id = 
|id = 
|entity_icon = 

Standard parameters

This template uses Module:Infobox, and as such the following standard parameters apply.


This template supports versioning. To make a versioned infobox, simply add version# parameters, starting at 1 and increasing until all required versioned are covered. The value of the version parameter is the name given to the version, which applies to the button/option to select the version, as well as to any SMW subobjects used.

For example, |version1=used|version2=broken.

Other parameters can (and at least some should) be versioned, and can be done by appending corresponding integers to the parameter name (e.g. |name1=Superior tetsu body|name2=Superior tetsu body (broken)).

If a version name is set to a value that results in an invalid name for a subobject, the subobject name will be modified and Category:Pages with an invalid subobject name will be added to the page.

By default, multi-version infoboxes use 1-based indexes as the switch IDs. If multiple multi-version infoboxes or Template:Switch infoboxes exist on the same page, this can cause conflicts. If needed, you can manually specify switch IDs using the switch_id# parameter (e.g. |switch_id1=alt1|switch_id2=alt2). For more info, see Template:Switch infobox § Specifying switch IDs.


This sets the Semantic MediaWiki subobject(s) that the infobox (or current infobox version) should set the parameters into. This is only required when the infobox version name is not the intended destination of semantic properties, or if an unversioned infobox needs to set properties into a specific subobject (e.g. when versioned and unversioned infoboxes (of different types, like Item and Bonuses) are used on the same page).

By default if the page has versions, properties are set into named subobjects, where the names are the version names; if the page does not have versions, the properties are set on to the page itself. Setting smwname overrides the default behaviour - the properties will be set to the specified subobjects and only the specified subobjects.

Multiple subobjects can be specified by separating the subobject names with the broken bar ¦ - the properties will be set in all of the subobjects specified.

smwname can be versioned to change where specific infobox versions set the properties.


If __dump__ is present with any value, rather than displaying the infobox as normal, a string version of the infobox object is dumped to the page. This is for debugging the infobox and should only be used by previewing the page; it should never be saved in a mainspace page. Setting this adds Category:Dumping infoboxes to the page.

Specifically, this applies when the infobox is converted to a string, which will always occur when the module finally returns, but may occur earlier in the code. The object is dumped using mw.dumpObject(box). Dumping will not prevent a script error occuring.



Name of the quest.


Image that captures the quest well. See Sliske's Endgame or The World Wakes for good examples.


What the quest is commonly referred to by others, such as WGS for While Guthix Sleeps or TOTG for Twilight of the Gods.


Release date of the quest. Should follow the format [[DD Month]] [[YYYY]]. ([[6 June]] [[2012]] etc).


Update page that the object was released with. Do not include brackets ([[ & ]]) or the Update: prefix.


Optional. Date the quest was removed, if applicable. Should follow the format [[DD Month]] [[YYYY]].


Optional. Update the quest was removed with, if applicable. Do not include brackets ([[ & ]]) or the Update: prefix.


Whether or not the quest is members only. Yes for members, No for free-to-play.


Whether or not the quest is voice-acted. Set to Partial or Full if so, No if not.


(Deprecated, official hidden from the quest list) Official difficulty given by Jagex; must be either novice, intermediate, experienced, master, grandmaster, or special.


Name of the series the quest belongs to. If it does not belong to any, put None. For example, Fort Forinthry or Elf (Prifddinas).


(Optional) The sequence of the quest in the series. Parameter must be a number.


(Deprecated, after official rearrange the quests into single linear quest series) Comma-separated list of series the quest belongs to. If it does not belong to any, put None.


(Deprecated, official hidden from the quest list) Quest number by release date; see quest release dates.


The start area the quest is set. Parameter must be one of the predefined area (stored as enum in cache) listed in quest list, including:

  1. Burthorpe
  2. Taverley
  3. Taverley Outskirts
  4. Lumbridge
  5. Draynor Village
  6. Draynor Outskirts
  7. Wizards' Tower
  8. Varrock
  9. Varrock Palace
  10. Varrock Outskirts
  11. Silvarea
  12. Edgeville
  13. Wilderness
  14. Ice Mountain
  15. Falador North
  16. Falador Castle
  17. Falador Park
  18. Rimmington
  19. Port Sarim
  20. Daemonheim
  21. Al Kharid
  22. Kharidian Desert
  23. Menaphos & Sophanem
  24. Morytania
  25. Paterdomus
  26. Canifis
  27. Port Phasmatys
  28. Karamja
  29. Entrana
  30. Seers' Village
  31. Fremennik Province
  32. Rellekka
  33. Fremennik Isles
  34. Trollheim
  35. Gnome Village
  36. Gnome Stronghold
  37. Kandarin North-West
  38. Kandarin West
  39. Kandarin North
  40. Ardougne
  41. Ardougne Zoo
  42. Witchaven
  43. Kandarin South
  44. Yanille
  45. Feldip Hills
  46. Keldagrim
  47. Dorgesh-Kaan
  48. TzHaar City
  49. Player owned house
  50. Tirannwn
  51. Anachronia
  52. Wushanko Isles (Display: Wushanko Isles - Arc)
  53. Elsewhere


"Age" in which the quest takes place, it is categorisation of quest age so the value may not be necessarily an age in the history; can be either 5, ambiguous, 6, or age of chaos.


"Timeline" in which the quest take place. Parameter must be one of the predefined values (stored as enum in cache), including:

  1. Pathfinder
  2. Adventurer
  3. Champion
  4. Heroic
  5. Legendary
  6. Mythic
  7. World Guardian
  8. Age of Chaos


"NPC combat level" of the quests suggest. Parameter must be one of the predefined values (stored as enum in cache), including:

  1. none: None
  2. 1: NPC combat level 1
  3. 2-3: NPC combat level 2–3
  4. 4-5: NPC combat level 4–5
  5. 6-9: NPC combat level 6–9
  6. scaled: NPC combat level scaled
  7. 10-19: NPC combat level 10–19
  8. 20-29: NPC combat level 20–29
  9. 30-39: NPC combat level 30–39
  10. 40-49: NPC combat level 40–49
  11. 50-59: NPC combat level 50–59
  12. 60-69: NPC combat level 60–69
  13. 70-79: NPC combat level 70–79
  14. 80-89: NPC combat level 80–89
  15. 90-99: NPC combat level 90–99
  16. 100-109: NPC combat level 100–109
  17. 110-119: NPC combat level 110–119
  18. 120-129: NPC combat level 120–129
  19. 130-139: NPC combat level 130–139
  20. 140-149: NPC combat level 140–149
  21. 150-159: NPC combat level 150–159
  22. 160-169: NPC combat level 160–169
  23. 170-179: NPC combat level 170–179
  24. 180-189: NPC combat level 180–189
  25. 190-189: NPC combat level 190–199
  26. 200+: NPC combat level 200+


Most of the quests do not have this parameter set. Some quests have their "customised" sequence on their timeline. Commonly the quests are ordered the release year and release sequence, the chronological order in lore. The parameter is retrieved from the cache and must be a numeric value. Must of the time it is a four digit integer (<=9999) overriding the release sequence in the same year, with exception of Sins of the Father which overrides both release year and the sequence on the release year.


Creation ID of the quest from the cache. Parameter must be a number.


ID of the quest from the cache. Parameter must be a number.


Optional. Entity icon for the quest taken from the cache; not every quest has one. Remove this field if the quest does not have one.