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Template documentation
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{{Infobox pet
|name            = Name of the pet.
|image           = Image of the pet.
|imagebackground = (optional) adds a dark background for the image if the value is "Yes"
|release         = The date it was released.
|update          = The update it was released with.
|inventory       = The inventory icon of the pet.
|interface       = If the pet is stored in the Pets interface or is an actual item.
|intcat          = If it is an interface pet, which type? Legendary, Companion, Follower, Boss, or Skilling.
|override            = Is the pet overridable? Will automatically be added if intcat is used with the respective value. Will only be shown if interface is yes.
|members         = Is the pet members only? Yes or No.
|race            = What race/species is the pet?
|location        = Source of where the pet can be obtained.
|skillrequired   = Skill requirement involved with pet.
|questrequired   = Quest requirement involved with pet.
|growthtime      = The number of minutes it takes for the pet to grow.
|food            = What to feed it.
|colours         = How many colours are available.
|examine         = The examine text of the pet.
|warning         = If this pet becomes 100% hungry it will run away.
|npcid           = The internal NPC ID for this pet
|itemid          = The internal item ID for the item part of the pet

For quick copy/paste

{{Infobox pet
|name = 
|image = 
|release =
|update =
|inventory = 
|interface =
|intcat =
|members =
|race = 
|location = 
|skillrequired = 
|questrequired = 
|growthtime = 
|food = 
|colours = 
|examine = 
|warning = 
|npcid = 
|itemid =