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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Infobox Music.
It contains usage information, categories, and other content that is not part of the original template page.
Template:Infobox Music invokes function main in Module:Infobox Music using Lua.

The Infobox Music is used to display infoboxes for Music track articles. Using this infobox adds the article in Category:Music tracks.


{{Infobox Music
|name           = The name of the music track.
|number         = (optional) Track number based on date of release.
|release        = The track's release date (e.g. [[1 January]] [[2009]]).  For music introduced at the release of RuneScape 2, use RS2.
|update         = (optional) The update that the track was released with (without "Update:", e.g. Duel Tournaments Rework)
|file           = (optional) Name of audio file (e.g. Adventure.ogg).
|members        = Is the track members-only? Yes or No.
|hint           = The unlock hint given in-game.
|location       = Location to unlock the track.
|quest          = Quest required to unlock the track.
|vocals         = Does the track contain vocals? Yes or No. (auto-categorised at "Music tracks with vocals")
|instruments    = The instruments present in the piece (assume singular; e.g. "viola" not "violas")
|duration       = Song duration in MM:SS format.
|composer       = The composer of the piece.
|map            = Unlock map location
|platform       = On which platform is this track officially available, e.g. Spotify
|album          = The album which includes this track officially released by Jagex, e.g. The Arc Official Soundtrack
|scexclusive    = Is the track exclusive to SoundCloud? Yes or No.
|soundcloud     = If exclusive to SoundCloud, provide the link to the track.

Note: This template uses Template:Listen inline to embed the audio file if the parameter file is used.