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This is a list of frequently asked questions for Template:Infobox Monster and Template:Infobox Monster new.
If something seems to be missing, feel free to ask on the talk page. For usage information, see documentation (2).

Infoboxes[edit source]

Why are there two different infoboxes?[edit source]

We are in the process of transitioning infoboxes from the old style (Template:Infobox Monster) to the new style (Template:Infobox Monster new). The new style has much more colour, making it easy to distinguish.

If you want to help convert pages, you can get involved with the project here.

What's the difference?

The new style includes much more detail on various properties of the monster. It is also backed by robust and customisable lua code instead of normal wikicode - which also powers Template:Infobox Item. It is also actively updated and maintained, unlike the old style which is no longer updated.

Information displayed[edit source]

This max hit is too low. Can it be fixed?[edit source]

The max hits displayed for magic, melee, and ranged in the template are the base values of the monster's maximum hit. This value should not be changed, as it is important to our understanding of how the monster's mechanics work. If the true maximum hit is higher than this value, that should be elaborated in a "Strategies" section or subpage.

The 4th value for maximum hits is the maximum value of typeless damage. This value can only be known through observation, so it will always display the true maximum hit.

Why are the slayer masters out of order?[edit source]

Sometimes a slayer monster will display the order of its assigning masters out of order. This is a run-time problem with the pairs function in Lua's standard library (see: Lua reference manual § next).

What is "immune to stat drain"?[edit source]

Stat drain immunity is somewhat of a misnomer. All monsters can have their stats drained; however, some monsters, mostly bosses like Vorago, have the ability to regularly restore their drained stats. This is also called the "overload effect" by some, as the potion behaves similarly. If a monster is listed as immune to stat drain, then it has this stat-restoring ability.