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Template documentation
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The Infobox Mines template is used for articles about mines used in the Mining skill.


{{Infobox Mines
|name = Official name of the mine
|also known as = Other names used for the mine (optional)
|image = An image of the mine
|release = Release date of the mine
|update = Update of the mine
|location = A very general outline of the location
|members = Is it for members only? Yes or No
|rocks = None if the mine has no rocks like [[Lava Flow Mine]], otherwise use the name of the ore without the word 'ore' and add the amount of that ore's rocks, e.g. 'silver = 3'
|monsters = Monsters players have to look out for while mining
|requirements = Requirements to access mine (such as quests, miniquests, etc.)
|map = Image of the mine from the world map
|music = A music tune from a main, central area of the mine. (eg. Dwarven Mine-Cave Background)