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Template documentation
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{{Infobox Dungeon
|name = The name of the dungeon, e.g. Varrock Sewers.
|image = An image of the dungeon.
|release = release date of the dungeon.
|update = update of the dungeon.
|release2 = The release date when the dungeon was made accessible (e.g. Daemonheim). For dungeons carried over from RSC, use RuneScape Classic. ONLY use this parameter in case this is not equal to the release date.
|update2 = A link to the corresponding update page when this dungeon was made accessible (e.g. Daemonheim), without the Update: prefix. 
|kingdom = The kingdom which the dungeon is in, e.g. Taverley Dungeon is in Asgarnia.
|members = Is the dungeon in a members area? e.g. Stronghold of Security is not members.
|music = the main music tune of the dungeon, e.g. "Starlight" for Asgarnian Ice Dungeon.
|level = How many levels the dungeon has, e.g. most dungeons have one.
|monster = the strongest monster in the dungeon, e.g. the Ancient Caverns' one is the mithril dragon.
|quests = Any quests involved or started in the dungeon? e.g. Heroes Quest is involved with the White Wolf Mountain Caves.
|cannon = "Allowed" or "Disallowed"
|race = What races lie in the dungeon? e.g. Ogres, demons, and dragons of the Ogre Enclave.
|resource dungeon = "yes" or not used, only here to not add the Dungeons category to resource dungeon pages.
|map = A static image of the dungeon map, using the ".png" suffix.
|maplink = A link to the interactive map, using the "Map:" prefix.

Blank template

{{Infobox Dungeon
|name = 
|image =
|release = 
|update = 
|kingdom = 
|members = 
|music = 
|level = 
|monster = 
|quests = 
|cannon = 
|race =
|resource dungeon =  
|map = 
|maplink =