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Template documentation
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{{Infobox Currency
|name = The currency's real name, not a short form.
|AKA = What the currency is commonly called by others.
|image = An image of the currency.
|imagewidth = The width the image should be (optional)
|release = Release date of currency.
|update = Update currency was released.
|members = If the currency is only available to members, Yes or No.
|tradeable = If the currency is tradable, Yes or No.
|xrate = The exchange rate. How many coins one piece of the currency worths.
|cap = The curreny cap if there is one. (optional)
|examine = What the currency says when you examine it.

Empty template:

{{Infobox Currency
|name = 
|AKA = 
|image = 
|imagewidth = 
|release = 
|update = 
|members = 
|tradeable = 
|xrate = 
|cap = 
|examine =