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Attack   Attack bonus   Attack


Stab Attack Style.png Slash Attack Style.png Crush Attack Style.png Magic-icon.png Ranged-icon.png
? ? ? ? ?
Defence   Defence bonus   Defence
Stab Attack Style.png Slash Attack Style.png Crush Attack Style.png Magic-icon.png Ranged-icon.png Summoning-icon.png
? ? ? ? ? ?
Blocked hitsplat old5.png   Damage absorption   Blocked hitsplat old5.png
Attack-icon.png Magic-icon.png Ranged-icon.png
? ? ?
Other bonuses
Strength-icon.png RangeStrength.png Prayer-icon.png Magic-icon.png
? ? ? ?
Template documentation
This documentation is transcluded from Template:Infobox Bonuses Historical/doc. [edit] [history] [purge]

The Template:Infobox Bonuses Historical template adds an infobox to display Attack and Defence bonuses, used before the Evolution of Combat, for weapons and equipment. Other bonuses such as Strength, Prayer and Ranged Strength bonuses may also be included. Two optional image and caption(s) may be added to the right of the infobox to show players wielding the weapon, or wearing the equipment. Image and caption parameters need to be listed last in the template for the compare link to work properly.


{{Infobox Bonuses Historical
|astab       = (The value with a +ve or -ve sign. Use 0 if no bonuses. (i.e. +90, -45, 0)) Attack stab bonus
|aslash      = Attack slash bonus
|acrush      = Attack crush bonus
|amagic      = Attack magic bonus
|arange      = Attack ranged bonus
|dstab       = Defence stab bonus
|dslash      = Defence slash bonus
|dcrush      = Defence crush bonus
|dmagic      = Defence magic bonus
|drange      = Defence ranged bonus
|dsummon     = Defence summoning bonus
|str         = Strength bonus
|rangestr    = Ranged strength bonus
|prayer      = Prayer bonus
|magicdamage = Magic damage %
|absorbmelee = Absorb melee %
|absorbranged= Absorb ranged %
|absorbmagic = Absorb magic %
|slot        = Equipment slot
|aspeed      = Attack speed (optional; for weapons)
|image       = see below
|caption     = optional; see below
{{Infobox Bonuses Historical
|astab = 0
|aslash = 0
|acrush = 0
|amagic = 0
|arange = 0
|dstab = 0
|dslash = 0
|dcrush = 0
|dmagic = 0
|drange = 0
|dsummon =0 
|str = 0
|rangestr =0 
|prayer = 0
|magicdamage = 0
|absorbmelee = 0
|absorbranged = 0
|absorbmagic = 0
|slot = body
|aspeed = 
|image = 
|caption = 

Attack speed

The aspeed parameter is an optional number that represents speed for weapons. The lower the number, the slower the weapon (see Attack speed).

Speed Speed bar
10 Undefined
9 Undefined
8 Undefined
7 Undefined
6 Undefined
5 Undefined
4 Undefined
3 Undefined
2 Undefined
1 Undefined
0 Undefined
random Undefined


The Worn Equipment interface slot where the item is worn. One of the following:

  • head
  • ammo
  • neck
  • cape
  • weapon
  • body
  • shield
  • 2h
  • legs
  • hands
  • feet
  • ring

Anything else (including undefined) is added to Category:Missing slot information.

Image and caption

NOTE: Currently, the image and caption parameters only work for two images. Due to technical limitations, adding more than two images with captions is not supported.

The "image" parameter may be used to add an image to the right of the infobox. The possible values are:

  • image=no - disables the parameter
  • image=needed - adds the page to Category:Needs image and displays a "Please upload an image!" message with a link to Special:Upload
  • image=[blank] or image is ignored - adds the page to [[:Category:Needs image placement]]
  • image=filename (i.e. without File: or Image:) - adds the image to the infobox
  • caption=text - optional; adds the caption

For the second image, simply use:

  • image2=filename (i.e. without File: or Image:) - adds the second image to the infobox
  • caption2=text - optional; adds the caption for the second image

Resizing an image

If the image is too big and does not fit the infobox properly, simply resize the image by adding this:

  • {{!}}size - at the end of the image (or image2) parameter

For example, to resize an image to a width of 200 pixels, use:

  • image=filename{{!}}200px

And, to resize an image to a maximum width of 100 pixels or a maximum height of 150 pixels, use:

  • image=filename{{!}}100x150px

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