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Template documentation
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The Hiscore template can be used to extract chosen skill levels, rank or experience for calculators.


{{Hiscore|display name|skill name|type name}}

The display name is the name of the user to retrieve the hiscore data of.

The skill name is the name of the skill to extract the information for. The skill name can be one of the following:

The type name is the type of value to extract.

  • rank - for the skill or minigame rank.
  • lvl - for the skill level or minigame score (this is the default).
  • exp - for the skill experience (does not apply to minigames).

In the case of error, the following status codes may be returned:

  • 0 - Enter a display name.
  • 1 - The user does not exist.
  • 2 - An unknown error occurred, try again.
  • 3 - You have gone beyond the limit of two separate names per page.
  • 4 - The skill does not exist.
  • 5 - The type does not exist.


The following template call returns the overall level of a user called Example:

{{Hiscore| Example | overall}}

The following example shows the number of experience points for the user Example for the Fletching skill:

{{Hiscore| Example | fletching | exp}}

The following example shows the Duel Tournament score for the user Example:

{{Hiscore| Example | duel | lvl}}

The following example shows the Fist of Guthix rank for the user Example:

{{Hiscore| Example | fog | rank}}