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Template documentation
This documentation is transcluded from Template:GUL/doc. [edit] [purge]

Template to create caption for graphical update images. Is wrapped using the {{GU}} template.


Use as the caption in a gallery of images on the item/object/npc pages. {{GUL|date=|year=|update=|img=}}

|{{GUL|init=t|date=10 January|year=2011|update=God Wars Dungeon - The Ancient Prison|img=Nex old.png}}
|{{GUL|date=|year=2013|update=|img=Nex 2013.png}}
|{{GUL|date=18 April|year=2017|update=Patch Notes (18 April 2017)|img=Nex.png}}

Generates (on the Nex page):


  • init - (optional) Used to define an image as the initial graphical appearance of item/object/npc. If this is used the other parameters should still all filled in.
  • date - Day and month of the graphical update eg: March 12
  • year - Year of the graphical update
  • update - The update that included the graphical change
  • img - The image name
  • name - (optional) Override the name of the item/object/npc (default is the page name)