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This is a list of frequently asked questions for Template:Dropping monsters list.
If something seems to be missing, feel free to ask on the talk page. For usage information, see documentation.

This page exists to answer questions you may have about the automatic sources list. If your question is not here, you may ask it at Template talk:Dropping monsters list.

How do I add a monster to this list?[edit source]

Monsters are added to the list automatically once they are recognised. The information is cached, so you will need to hard refresh to confirm you are seeing the latest version of the page.

Monsters are recognised by the list template if they use {{DropsLine}} with the Name parameter set to the parameter passed to the list.

For example, if we had:

{{Dropping monsters list|Rune platebody}}

It would find any page that has

{{DropsLine|Name=Rune platebody}}

Why doesn't this monster show up?[edit source]

There are 3 reasons a monster may not show up on the list:

  1. There was an error in the code preventing the drop from being recognised
  2. The drop was intentionally excluded
  3. Too many monsters drop the item

In the latter two cases, these monsters will be listed in the exhaustive list linked above the drop table.

What error confused the template?[edit source]

For a monster to be recognised as dropping the item, the Name parameter will need to match the item's article name exactly. This includes casing; any letter after the first letter is case sensitive.

Why would a drop be excluded?[edit source]

Many monsters have access to the Rare drop table, so any monster that uses {{Rare drop table}} will not be included in the dynamic listing on articles. This is to prevent the list from being clogged with monsters that are not reliable droppers of an item. If a monster drops an item on the rare drop table and the same item on their main drop table, then the monster will be included.

Why are there too many monsters?[edit source]

Because a lot of monsters drop this item! The default limit of {{Dropping monsters list}} is 100. The limit can be changed with the limit parameter. Be careful, as the template will run into performance errors if it queries too many pages.

Using multiple invocations of this template will meet the same limits; 4 sets of 25 queries is at least as heavy performance wise as 1 call of 100.

How do I change incorrect information?[edit source]

To change incorrect information, you will need to go to the article of the monster that is incorrect. Combat level can be changed in {{Infobox monster}}. Drop rates and quantities can be changed in the relevant {{DropsLine}} template. If a monster is displayed as dropping an item it doesn't, remove the relevant {{DropsLine}} template entirely.

After editing, the information on the item's page may still be cached (as mentioned above), so don't be worried if a change does not appear right away.

Why are so many combat levels shown?[edit source]

Combat levels are displayed for every version of the monster, even if that version does not drop the item. Unfortunately, this is a difficult problem to address currently.

Why is this drop rate so off?[edit source]

Drop rates may seem off as no context is given by the generated list. If something seems wrong, you may need to read the rest of the relevant article to understand the context of the drop rate displayed.