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Unknown (edit)
Merchant Unknown (edit)
Island Unknown (edit)
Price sold at 0
Prices bought at
Base value Unknown (edit)
First upgrade 0
Second upgrade 0

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Template documentation
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This template is used to display the chime value of items from The Arc, and where they can be sold.


This template should only be placed on the pages of item which can be sold to shops located in The Arc for chimes. It's suggested to place this template within a level 2 header named "Store locations", but that is not enforced; use common sense.

{{Databox chimes
|store =  <!-- Internal link to shop -->
|npc =    <!-- Internal link to shop's npc, shortened -->
|island = <!-- Internal link to island shop is found on -->
|price =  <!-- Optional; Manually set the price shop sells at -->
|value =  <!-- Base value shop buys item for -->

Empty template

{{Databox chimes
|store = 
|npc = 
|island = 
|value = 


{{Databox chimes
|store = [[Bamboo Market 101]]
|npc = [[Zhuka (bamboo merchant)|Zhuka]]
|island = [[Waiko]]
|value = 10
Bamboo Market 101
Merchant Zhuka
Island Waiko
Price sold at 100
Prices bought at
Base value 10
First upgrade 11
Second upgrade 12
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