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Template documentation
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The Databox Summoning scroll template is used to show the details of Summoning scrolls.


{{Databox Summoning scroll
|name = scroll name
|image = image location
|createxp = experience for creating
|usexp = experience for using
|special = special move points
|high = high level alchemy
|low = low level alchemy
|examine = examine text
|return = Amount of shards returned by Bogrog if exchanged
|returnlvl = Level needed to exchange the scroll at Bogrog


The following is an example:

{{Databox Summoning scroll
|name = Spirit Wolf scroll (Howl)
|image = [[File:Spirit Wolf scroll (Howl).png]]
|createxp = 0.1
|usexp = 0.1
|special = 3
|high = 35
|low = 23
|examine = A scroll for a spirit wolf familiar.
|return = 1/3
|returnlvl = 21

Produces the following result:


Advanced usage

For untradeable scrolls, set the exchange parameter to no

{{Databox Summoning scroll
|exchange = no

For scrolls that cannot be swapped for shards with Bogrog or Lord Amlodd, set the swap parameter to no. By setting this parameter, the return and returnlvl parameters can be removed.

{{Databox Summoning scroll
|swap = no

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