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Template documentation
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Databox Pouch Generates a databox for summoning pouch information, for use on the pouches page. It also sets smw properties matching those of Template:Databox Recipe, allowing pouches to show up in Uses section on item pages. If Databox Pouch is used, Databox Recipe does not need to be used!


Parameter Format Usage Mandatory?
name Name of the pouch Pouch name used for display and fetching GEMW prices. Will default to the pagename if not given; Do not include brackets; e.g. Desert wyrm pouch for Desert wyrm pouch No
exchange gemw or no Whether the pouch can be sold on the GE or not. Defaults to no No
level integer Summoning level required to make the pouch Yes
usexp number Summoning xp from using the pouch (summoning the familiar) Yes
points integer Special move points Yes
dg Yes Is it a dungeoneering pouch? No
returnlvl integer Shard return level, defaults to N/A No
scroll Scroll name Name of the summoning scroll created from the pouch No
scrollamt integer Quantity of summoning scrolls created when the pouch is converted to scrolls. Defaults to 10. No
shards integer or N/A Number of shards required to make the pouch Yes


{{Databox Pouch
|name = Desert wyrm pouch
|exchange = gemw
|level = 18
|shards = 45
|usexp = 0.4
|points = 10
|returnlvl = 26
|scroll = Desert Wyrm scroll (Electric Lash)
|scrollamt = 10


Level 18
Summoning XP 0.4
Points 10
Shard return
Bogrog 32 (800)
Amlodd 35 (875)
Level 26
Pouch to scrolls
Scroll Profit (VoS)
Desert Wyrm scroll (Electric Lash).png: RS3 Inventory image of Desert Wyrm scroll (Electric Lash) -511

Blank databox

{{Databox Pouch
|name = 
|exchange = gemw
|level = 
|shards = 
|usexp = 
|points =
|returnlvl = 
|scroll = 
|scrollamt =