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Template documentation
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Template:Databox Book invokes function main in Module:Databox Book using Lua.

For use in book articles.


{{Databox Book
|name        = The book's name.
|image       = (Optional) An image to use for [[List of books]] if the image differs from the page name
|aka         = (Optional) Alternate names for the book.
|author      = The author of the book.
|quest       = (Optional) The quest the book is related to.
|readable    = Is the book readable?
|bookcase    = Is the book able to be stored in a POH bookcase?
|description = (Optional) A description for the book.

Quick use

{{Databox Book
|name = 
|aka = 
|author = 
|quest = 
|readable = 
|bookcase = 
|description =