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Template documentation
This documentation is transcluded from Template:Curse drain/doc. [edit] [purge]

Calculates the drain rate of a combination of curses, as well as how long a set number of prayer points last, and how long they last with a given prayer bonus.


{{Curse drain
|com=none, Turmoil, Torment, Anguish, Malevolence, Desolation, Affliction
|acc=None, Sap Warrior, Sap Ranger, Sap Mage, Leech Attack, Leech Ranged, Leech Magic
|dam=None, Sap Range Strength, Sap Magic Strength, Sap Strength, Leech Range Strength, Leech Magic Strength, Leech Strength
|def=None, Sap Defence, Leech Defence
|adr=None, Sap Spirit, Leech Adrenaline
|ene=no, yes (leech energy)
|oh=none, deflect magic, deflect missile, deflect melee, wrath, soul split
|sum=no, yes (deflect summoning)
|item=no, yes (protect item)
|bers=no, yes (berserker)
|level=prayer level
|points=current prayer points
|ren=None, Prayer renewal, Super prayer renewal potion
|bonus=current prayer bonus

Only full prayer names accepted, case insensitive. Prayer version is here.

JS version here.