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[{{fullurl:{{{1}}}}} {{{2}}}]

Template documentation
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This templates allows images to be used as links pointing to a desired page. i.e. a navigational image.

Information icon.svg

Note that this functionality can now be achieved more efficiently by using the link= option on the [[File:....]] markup instead.

For example, [[File:Magic-icon.png|link=Magic]] produces Magic-icon.png.


{{clickpic|Target page title|Full image path}}

Note: This only works for Mediawiki sites that support external images such as the RuneScape Wiki. However, when using this template it is recommended that the image used is actually an internally-held image (i.e. uploaded unto the wiki).

Some Wikimedia sites do not support embedding external images, but plenty of other personal, public and corporate intranet Mediawiki-based sites do, and these can use this template to make navigational images easy to implement.


If this template is duplicated on a Mediawiki site, here is the code:

<span class="plainlinks">[{{fullurl:{{{1}}}}} {{{2}}}]</span>

For information such as:

  • How to obtain the full path of the image which is needed for this template
  • What to do if there is a whitespace problem in Internet Explorer or Opera

Please see further details from the original template creator.


An example of a navigational image built with this template is: Magic-icon.png where clicking on the image links to the magic skill page on the website. Note that the template only supports internal links, as the template will always pre-fix the target argument with the path to the root of the wiki.

Note that clicking on a standard image such as Magic-icon.png refers to the actual image upload file and associated descriptions.