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{{{lbl}}}  Choose Option{{{win}}}

Template documentation
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To use this template, use {{Choose Option|lbl=Label text|win=Links|bold=(all/window/header/none)}}. The bold parameter is optional (leave it out if you don't want it to be bolded), and entering "all" will make the whole thing bolded, and entering "window" will make only the opening choose option window be bolded. Entering header will bold the window's header, but not the content.

The label text is just a text you want to use. You can for example put your username in it. The links have to be a plain list of links, without enters or anything between the links. For example:"

{{Choose Option|lbl=Example|win=[[User:Example|Example]][[User talk:Example|Talk]][[Special:Contributions/Example|Contribs]][[Special:Editcount/Example|Editcount]]|bold=header}}

will become Example  Choose OptionExampleTalkContribsEditcount.

You can also make it look like a choose option window easily by coloring the labels. For example:

{{Choose Option|lbl=Example|win=[[User:Example|Attack <span class="NPC">Example</span> <span class="cb-max">(Level: 200)</span>]][[User talk:Example|Talk to <span class="scenery">Example</span>]][[Special:Contributions/Example|Examine <span class="player">Example</span>]][[Special:Editcount/Example|Drop <span class="item">Example</span>]]|bold=window}}

will become Example  Choose OptionAttack Example (Level: 200)Talk to ExampleExamine ExampleDrop Example.

The syntax for the special colors are a span with a class (case sensitive):

  • item (brown/orange)
  • NPC (yellow)
  • player (white)
  • scenery (cyan)

And the combat level colors:

  • cb-min (lime)
  • cb-same (yellow)
  • cb-max (red)

For example, <span class="item">Item will become item in the Choose Option window.