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Temekel was a Mahjarrat brought to Gielinor by the Menaphite god Icthlarin, near the beginning of the Second Age. While still on Freneskae, Temekel was likely to have been even more powerful than Azzanadra,[1] and the most powerful of his kin.[2] When Icthlarin and his sister Amascut approached the Mahjarrat and asked their help to fight the forces of Zaros, there was a disagreement among the Mahjarrat on whether they should stay on Freneskae or follow Icthlarin to Gielinor [3]. Both sides were evenly matched in number, but with both Temekel and Azzanadra strongly in favour of leaving and several other Mahjarrat killed, including Abrogal and Salisard, it was eventually decided that the Mahjarrat would follow Icthlarin to Gielinor.[3] When the majority of the Mahjarrat later decided to betray the Desert Pantheon in favour of Zaros, however, Temekel remained loyal to those who had originally recruited him.

His end came before Zamorak's betrayal,[4] when Lucien, Bilrach, and others with the Heriditas Expedition discovered his nomadic encampment at the location of the final Zarosian-Kharidian battlefield. He was beheaded by Lucien, and before bursting into flames, his disembodied head announced that "Tumeken will return... and when he does, your empire of traitors will burn."[5] Instead, Zaros' empire ended up collapsing when the Mahjarrat Zamorak betrayed him. Tumeken still has yet to reappear, even three ages after his disappearance, and although many still worship him, his pantheon has begun to disintegrate in his absence.

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