Telekinetic Grab

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The Telekinetic Grab (also known as Telegrab) spell enables players to take an object they cannot reach or touch using Magic. The high price of the required law rune means the object must be well worth taking, such as the rare drop of a rune helm from the imprisoned lesser demon at the Wizards' Tower. Players who use higher tier ammo will sometimes use the spell to pick up their arrows. Telekinetic Grab takes all of a stackable or noted item at once, not one at a time.

One cast of Telekinetic Grab costs 566 coins, or 526 coins with a staff of air, air battlestaff or a mystic air staff. It costs an average of 513.4 coins when used with a law staff.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Economical Training[edit | edit source]

Some places to train magic while not losing money spent on runes are:

Audio options icon.png
Telekinetic grab sound
Plays when players cast the telekinetic grab spell.