Taverley blue dragon resource dungeon

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The Taverley blue dragon resource dungeon is a resource dungeon found in the blue dragon room of Taverley Dungeon. It has a Dungeoneering requirement of 60 to enter. Inside are several blue dragons and multiple blue dragon scales, which are scattered around a large pillar and are close together. The blue dragon dungeon has several safespots for rangers and mages, with each safe spot covering 1 or 2 dragons. Collecting blue dragon scales from inside the dungeon provides a minimal speed difference as opposed to collecting them outside. When using a spirit terrorbird, collecting scales from inside the dungeon as opposed to collecting them from outside where there are 7 spawns, the whole run will only be about 10 seconds quicker. Players will be granted 7,000 Dungeoneering experience upon first entrance to the dungeon.

Trips to this resource dungeon are greatly simplified by using a combination of teleport tabs to Taverley available after the quest Love Story or Teleport to house tablets if the player's house is in Taverley, and a free return trip to a bank with a ring of kinship (or other teleport jewellery). The ring will still function even if a monster attacks during the teleport phase, but not if the player is already under attack, so another method such as ring of duelling may be more suitable.

The entrance to the dungeon

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  • patch 8 October 2013 (Update):
    • The mysterious door in the blue dragon resource dungeon is now the correct colour.

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  • The resource dungeon was graphically updated in September 2013.